Visual ASMR by Onesal

Onesal, a Japanese art studio, presented a short video project which showcases the power of ASMR. This is one of the most stunning projects, that is a must for fanatics of ASMR but also for those that love splendid visual work.


Creative Direction: Onesal
Art Direction: Damian Sendin, Fede Kanno
Design: Damian Sendin, Fede Kanno, Alex Levinton, Nahuel Salcedo
Animation: Nahuel Salcedo, Damian Sendin, Alex Levinton, Lilen Herrera, Koji Obara
Simulation Artists: David Kvien, Alex Levinton, Nahuel Salcedo
Producers: Ailin Brunner, Lucia Gutkin, Feng Li
Sound: Echoic Audio