Rock Wells by Kevin Krautgartner

    Kevin Krautgartner, a superb German-born photographer, has released a terrific series in which he explores large rock formations named Rock Wells. Krautgartner is known for some eye-pleasing aerial photography series in the past including Tropical ReefsAustralian Salt, and Norway from Above — to name a few.

    Writing about the series Krautgartner stated: “The so called “Rock Wells” are huge rock formations which extend along coastlines with a high tidal range. Due to erosion the rocks are usually formed like big pools and are pretty rare to find. The diameter of a pool can be up to 2 meters. At high tide all these rock formations hide under the surface of the ocean, completely submerged and out of sight. Once the tide recedes, the shoreline provides the beauty of these natural phenomena. The large jagged pinnacles and deep wells maintain an aquatic habitat for the creates that become stranded in it. The beauty of these locations, along with the dependence the marine life have on it for shelter begs the name “Natures last resort”. Looking at these actually big rock formations from an aerial perspective you can have an overview of its unique structure and its color of the sea water which will never dry out completely.”

    Find more work by Kevin Krautgartner here.

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