Different Ways To Brand Yourself As A Music Artist

    So, you’ve started to put the finishing touches on your tracks, and now you ideally want more than just your friends and family to know about you and hear it. The world firstly needs to know who you are. 

    In order for that to happen, you need to create an artist brand. Think of it as your musical persona, a character that you want to introduce to your fans. 

    With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the different ways you can brand yourself as an artist: 

    Defining Yourself 

    Think about what your music sounds like or what genre and style you are using. If you have difficulty identifying this, think about any influencers that match and will fit into a certain genre. 

    Set Your Goals 

    Once you know what genre you sit with, it’s time to think about what you want to achieve as a musical artist. Some want to gain digital streams, whereas others want to hit th road and tour. Maybe you’d happy hearing your track been played in your favourite coffee house. These goals will, in turn, help you to narrow down your target audience. 

    Brand Name

    You may be using your own name, however, some artists choose to use a separate brand/persona name when performing. Either is fine. But you do need to decide on which and what you are going to use. Whatever it is it needs to be internationally unique, easy to pronounce, and easy to write. 

    Visual Aids 

    Next, you need to choose a visual style that best encapsulates your brand. This is more important for anyone who isn’t a solo artist. Using tools like a music visualizer maker will enable you to use a logo, and make your images and videos shareable across all platforms. 

    Artist Biography 

    It’s a good idea to create an artist biography. Something that includes a background story, highlights your goals and has a picture that shows who you are. When releasing your music people will want to know who and where it’s coming from.

    Be Yourself

    You need to show off your personality when you’re creating your brand image as a music artist. You should always be yourself, every little quirky part. Nobody likes cookie-cutter artist so make use of your dazzling personality. 

    Make Use Of Social Media 

    You should make sure you have an online presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Post regularly, but make sure it’s things you are comfortable with and fits with both you and your audience. You could try engaging with your potential listeners with Q&As, fun facts or teasers for what you’re planning for the future. Share your favourite tracks or art, a few memes and use some of the visual elements we spoke about above. 

    These seven tips should get you well on the way to create a brand image as a musical artist. Are you trying to create your brand image? What are you doing to succeed with this? Please share some of them below. 

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