Why Gaming Is Not Taboo Anymore

    On the verge of a second lockdown in the UK, it becomes more and more important to address enduring misconceptions about the gaming industry. It is hard to pinpoint precisely where gaming clichés come from. They seem to have always been part of the cultural mindset. 

    Encouraged by poor representation in films and the media, gamers are typically depicted as awkward and asocial individuals who lead a solitary existence, preferably recluse inside dark and humid basements. It is time for Hollywood and ourselves to stop stereotyping gaming as a creepily violent and lonely hobby. If there are still traces of guilt regarding gaming, these need to be eliminated before heading for another excruciatingly long lockdown. After all, video games are allowing many of us to maintain both their wit and sanity in self-isolation. And here’s why we all need to welcome and embrace our inner gamer: 

    You don’t need excessive equipment to play a game

    As the PlayStation 5 remains a big financial commitment for the occasional gamer, many entertaining alternatives are not only quarantine-friendly but accessible to lesser experienced gamers. Boredom in quarantine is inevitable. The first lockdown coincided with a peak in video game demands. But, for those who are not keen on purchasing sophisticated gaming equipment, video games remain accessible to all budgets. You can find plenty of quality free games that are laptop- and family-friendly. It’s hard to get by the lockdown without either a laptop or a smartphone, and thankfully gaming doesn’t need all the faff of an expensive console and a VR set to be enjoyable. Killing time without killing your wallet, it’s fair to say that not many hobbies have a budget-friendly option. 

    It’s an inclusive hobby

    Gaming is a diverse universe that encompasses not only various interests but also different skills and levels. The idea that only experienced gamers can enjoy video games is inaccurate. Platforms such as thegameslover.com actively encourage gamers of all backgrounds and experience levels to discover and explore the latest titles. Firstly, most gamers nowadays allow players to select the appropriate difficulty level, including a story setting that enables the game to carry out and move the player further, even if they can’t tackle some of the challenges. Additionally, with hundreds of categories to choose from, there is genuinely a game for each gamer. 

    It’s more beneficial than people think

    After hearing for years how damaging gaming can be, it’s time to redress the balance. Studies have revealed that video games could help individuals overcome dyslexia by encouraging concentration in a continually changing and fast-moving environment. Puzzle-solving games have also shown considerable cognitive improvement, slowing down the ageing process in the brain for older players. Finally, rather than being solitary, gaming also helps players make social connections through collaborative platforms or even social media channels. 

    There’s a sense of cultural trend

    Games are part of a moving cultural movement. There’s a reason why celebrities are happy to give their face and voice to video games: they recognise it as a form of art that carries the same weight as films or books. Culturally, games that are associated with big names, such as Cyberpunk 2077 with Keanu Reeves, bring a new cultural dimension to the hobby. 

    As the countdown for the next lockdown has already started, we need to learn to make peace with one of the most popular quarantine hobbies, gaming. Budget-friendly, inclusive, beneficial, and culturally enriching, it’s hard to find any reason not to turn into a player in quarantine. 

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