Parquet Courts Announce ‘On Time’ Concert Film, Unearth Previously Unreleased Song

    Parquet Courts have announced a new concert film called On Time in celebration of the band’s 10th anniversary. It arrives on December 10, almost 10 years since Parquet Courts’ first-ever show at Monster Island Basement in Brooklyn. A livestreamed concert will take place at Brooklyn’s Pioneer Works on the same date – tickets are available here. The band has also unearthed a previously unreleased track, ‘Hey Bug’, taken from the sessions for their 2013 LP Sunbathing Animal. Listen to it below.

    “If I remember correctly, it would have been recorded at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn during the fall of 2013,” singer/guitarist A. Savage said in a statement about ‘Hey Bug’. “We were working there with our pal Jonathan Schenke, who had recorded Light Up Gold, but this time in a studio rather than a practice space. We’d have been recording material for Tally All the Things That You Broke and Sunbathing Animal. Editing the sequence for a record is often a tough process, and when it’s over it’s typically such a relief that I’ll purge it from my memory entirely. And now I’m listening to ‘Hey Bug’ these seven years later and thinking what a cool song it is. That period was a frenzy of writing and I know it’s not the only unreleased song from that session.”

    As for the livestream concert, the band commented: “Ten years ago our adventure began by playing our first show to virtually no one, and to celebrate we’ve decided to play a show to everyone, virtually.”

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