How Video Games Can Enhance Learning and Improve Memory

    Playing video games has become one of the popular hobbies of today’s young adults. They are being played in almost every household. And, the harmful effects of gaming surround a huge debate. But, like every other thing in life, there is also a good side attached to them.

    Video Games and Learning

    You might be happy to know the fact that playing video games can actually improve your learning. Not only this, they can help you learn different skills and rewire your brain to deal with negative emotions. But this doesn’t give you a legit reason to ignore your school work and spend hours and hours playing games.  Moderation in everything is extremely crucial. So, keeping that in mind, let’s move forward to learn more advantages of playing games. You may also use these advantages and key points in your video game essay topics. You may also ask a professionals “who will write my essay” if you feel stuck.

    Help Learn Personal Responsibility

    Are you wondering what video games can teach us? Well, they have a lot to offer. Best of all, they can teach personal responsibility and perseverance. There are several challenges in the games that help players focus on their own actions. This eventually helps them control and enhance the situations around them. It may not seem obvious when playing the game, though. A little introspection on our part may help us utilize these gaming skills in the real world.

    Enhance Problem-Solving Skills

    Can playing video games make us smarter? According to some research studies, video games improve problem-solving skills. These research studies reveal that some parts of our brain may grow as a consequence of playing. These parts are associated with strategic planning, memory and spatial navigation. But again, it does need some introspection on our part. You simply don’t get smarter just by playing video games all day long. But rather you should use them as a tool to learn new skills and practice them in real life. Several games are designed for the same reasons: boost your reading understanding, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. But make sure you are playing age-appropriate games, and not neglecting your studies.

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    Help You Beat Stress

    Despite the downsides attached to video games, several studies have proven that they could help enhance life quality, especially those who are mentally disturbed or disabled. Such individuals have a harder time enjoying life to the fullest. Not everyone around them understands enough to comprehend their needs and feelings.

    So, what does that mean? Video games in real life can be as effective as physical exercise when it comes to beating stress and anxiety. They help you forget your existing tensions for a while and give you a pleasurable experience. They help you connect with like-minded people. Hence, they can improve your quality of life.  Even playing a simple game of solitaire or a pool game can help to relieve stress and keep you relaxed. Especially if you do it for 15 minutes on your lunch break or in the evening.

    Also, some a study German studies have revealed that they refine our hardwired and learned skills. Simply put, playing games have a positive impact on the brain parts that are associated with fine motor skills and muscle control.

    Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    Playing them let your brain take a break and start fresh. Playing a game allows you to immerse yourself in it. This, in turn, helps you forget about the things that bother you. When you feel fresh and happy, you tend to be more creative. Another factor that boosts your creativity is that these games help you look at things from various angles. You try to be innovative to overcome the challenges in the game. If you carry these skills to real life, it will help you deal with real-life challenges too. Yes, playing certain video games is good for your memory and learning, but don’t go over the board.

    Help Learn How to Start Over

    Nothing in life remains the same. Sometimes, when certain relationships and friendships get over, it becomes extremely difficult to move on. But, gamers definitely know the sad feelings of completing a game they enjoyed playing. Also, sometimes they quit playing a game that no longer entertains them. This improves their self-control and helps them learn how to let go of things. They allow us to face our twisted emotions and walk away or embrace new beginnings. Therefore, playing such games can be a good practice to deal with similar situations in life.  The next time you choose a game to play, ensure it has something good to offer.

    Enhance Multi-Tasking Skills

    Some video games allow you to deal with auditory and visual distractions simultaneously. Doing so improves your multitasking skills which are great to increase productivity.

    Are you already a multi-tasker? Playing such games is still good for you. You know there’s always room for improvement. So, why not get better at things you are already good at?

    These multitasking skills also help you enjoy your favorite games while being a great student. Since reading gaming instructions and implementing them require good attention, it improves your reading comprehension too. This means you are more likely to understand your essay prompts and assignments instructions. But if you still find it difficult to do any of your schoolwork, you can look for help online, when you need movie review essay examples or video games review essay examples.

    Boost Positivity

    How do video games affect the brain positively? Well, do you know when you do something over and over again, it trains your brain to do it with less power? For instance, the players of the game Tetris also see shapes in real life that fit together. So, what does this convey? It’s simple. The positive effects of this game teach us to beat negativity around us. Also, it may help gamers avert food cravings or erase bad memories. Isn’t that amazing? Several other games help you rewire your brain for positivity. So, choose them wisely and let them have a positive impact on your life.

    But wait! Learning about these advantages does not mean that you can pin yourself to a sofa all day long. It is still crucial to do physical and other fun activities. Watching movies with family, reading books, exercising, eating healthy – all of these play a vital role in keeping you healthy. So, don’t let a single hobby drain all of your energy.

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