Some Methods to Make Extra Income as a Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers are in demand. However, this demand creates a saturated market, and not everyone is capable of finding a stable job. That is why some graphic designers are looking for new ways to make money and improve their financial situation.

    Even if it is a simple side gig or a venture that could potentially become a profitable project after some time, making the most out of the available opportunities is one of the best ways to get some extra income.

    If you are in a similar situation and would like to put your graphic design skills to good use, the methods in this article should give you enough inspiration.

    Method #1 – Print on Demand

    Being a graphic designer gives you an advantage if you want to start a print on demand store. Or, as an alternative, you can get in touch with already established stores and offer them your services. POD store owners are regularly looking for fresh ideas for their merchandise.

    Usually, t-shirts are the go-to product. Printify has the T-Shirt business explained on their website, and they happen to be one of the best print providers at the moment. 

    But what drives people to try their luck with print on demand, and t-shirt in particular? Well, according to ecommerce statistics by Printify, the global t-shirt market is projected to pass 10 billion dollars by 2025. With such growth, there is still room for new entrepreneurs to join and profit as well.

    Of course, you can look to scale the business later by introducing merchandise other than t-shirts. Phone cases, hoodies, key chains, calendars, and face masks have a place in the market, giving you more opportunities to make money. 

    Method #2 – Photo Editing

    Not every professional photographer is keen to edit their photos. The work is monotonous and time-consuming. They would rather hire someone who can do the work for them. And that is when you come in as a graphic designer.

    Graphic designers should have little trouble editing photos, particularly if they have used tools like Photoshop before. Adding new effects, zooming in and out where appropriate, and removing unnecessary elements from pictures are what the majority of the job consists of.

    Method #3 – Book Covers

    More and more writers are sticking to Amazon’s self-publishing program because they do not wish to deal with traditional publishing agencies. However, it is harder to advertise your book on Amazon because of all the competition.

    An outstanding book cover is one of the best methods to catch the attention of potential readers. Even if they say that you should not judge a book by its cover, people still do. An e-book cover is the first thing they see while browsing through a collection of available books they may or may not purchase. 

    Get in touch with writers and tell them that you can create catchy book covers that will increase book sales right away. Even if it is just a few writers you collaborate with, they are still good enough. You can start making money by designing book covers.

    Method #4 – Streaming

    Join Twitch TV and start building your channel. As a graphic designer, you can show viewers your skills by designing something they ask for or having fun with whatever you feel like doing at that time. Of course, having an entertaining personality helps. After all, you will be sitting in front of a camera and entertaining an audience.

    As for monetization, streamers can make money from multiple sources. Some stick to donations and subscriptions. Others expand their income sources by promoting various goods or services. Creating a YouTube channel and posting stream highlights is also a popular method nowadays. 

    Method #5 – Social Media Content

    Brands are looking to increase their social media presence. Attractive content is one of the social media marketing cornerstones. Expecting engagement on lackluster posts is futile, particularly if there are hundreds if not more similar profiles.

    Graphic designers can elevate a brand’s social media by producing high-quality visual content, such as infographics. Refurbishing a profile picture and a banner would help as well. The bottom line is that graphic designers can provide new and improved looks for those who want to take their social media standing to another level.

    Method #6 – Online Education

    Creating a video tutorial series and posting them on YouTube or platforms like Skillshare and Udemy could also prove quite useful. You can sell courses on these platforms and create yourself a passive source of income. Keep in mind, though, that the competition can be pretty fierce. Succeeding with mediocre quality is quite a challenge. If you decide to get serious about online education, make sure that you emphasize the quality of your content.

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