Collina Strada Fall 2021

    Collina Strada brought us joy with their fall 2021 collection. Designer Hillary Taymour partnered with the illustrator of the Animorphs book series David Burroughs to create a playful collection that morphs her models into animals. Taymour always valued the environment, so she used leftover materials from previous seasons and recycled fabrics for the collection. She repurposed unsold deadstock fabrics. She had even partnered up with TheRealReal, a website for authenticated luxury consignment, using vintage pieces that were unfit for the website.

    I am not chasing after every store to sell merch; it’s about being a healthy business and creating projects we can have fun doing without overconsumption,” Taymour said on her stance about sustainability.

    The collection is playful and enjoyable; we see a mixture of surface designs such as pleating, prints and combining materials to make garments. There is also a mixture of silhouettes from fitted tops and trouser, fluid skirts, dresses, and puffed up sleeves. There is a lot of layering in the outfits, which create eye-popping and colourful outfits. This collection will be undoubtedly unforgettable.

    Watch the full show here.

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