Kaushik Velendra Autumn/Winter 2021 at London Fashion Week

    Kaushik Velendra, a London-based menswear designer, released an eye-opening fashion film at London Fashion Week. “Power dressing for men and tailoring for the future” is how Velendra describes his brand’s DNA as he works to reshape and redefine menswear. The film The Power of Fashion and Its Influence across our Self-Empowerment is a series of interviews looking at various artists’ opinions on fashion and gender. In the film, Velendra interviews artists such as Kelly Rutherford, Layton Williams, River Viiperi, Billy Langdon, Bobby Brazier, and Daniel Lismore. According to Velendra, the film and the collection were made “to capture the importance of dressing in the current situation and the purpose it plays supporting fashion designers and the creative community.” The collection itself reshapes some of the standard tailorings we have become to know. The sleeves are asymmetrical, loose-fitted with pleating, and have exaggerated shoulder padding. There is a charming juxtaposition of materials used in the garments, where lightweight fabrics are pleated and mixed with materials that hold more shape and structure.

    Watch the full film here.

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