Erdem Autumn/Winter 2021 at London Fashion Week

    Erdem’s 2021 autumn-winter collection carries us to ballet. Margot Fonteyn inspired the performative show filmed at the Bridge Theatre in London. “The collection explores the juxtapositions of performance and rest, age and expectations, formal costume and informal clothing,” says Erdem.

    For the show, Erdem employed models who were and are ballerinas. To reflect its ballet influence, the show was understandably performative with its gracefulness and movement. There were lots of motion in the garments themselves; the skirts and dresses had many flounces added with the pleating. We see the contrast between “costume wear and informal clothing.” The costumes were dazzling with sequins, feathers, beading and bold prints. From what seemed like informal clothing, we saw a mixture of silhouettes, ones with a cinched waist, fitted outerwear and the use of more straightforward prints.

    Watch the full fashion show.

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