Ray Chu Autumn/Winter 2021

    Not long ago, Ray Chu, a disruptive a-gender RTW brand established in 2016, released their latest autumn-winter collection at London Fashion Week alongside a short film named Centipide Love which utilised CGI to bring out the new.

    Talking about the collection Chu said: “I have always been interested in technology and how it may (or may not) enhance my brand. CGI is something I’ve experimented with but never truly brought into the fold – and on this occasion, following a time of global in-person abstinence, felt it was the right time to encompass it more productively.

    My collaboration with Pigo Lin is very meaningful. The artist and I have wanted to collaborate for some time and considering our incredibly diverse global understanding of fluidity, borderless, genderless, the characters depicted are both gay, straight and everything in between. The centipede character within all the graphics represents the epicentre of sexualism – are you the sexually centrist or, on the side of inclusivity. The artistic depiction of the graphics are both but also, neither.”

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