10 Tips For Looking Chic Without Spending a Lot Of Money

    We all want to look chic and classy. Like it or not, we live in a society where how we dress and how we present ourselves matter. However, all of us do not have the money to constantly enhance our wardrobes. It is not always about how many labels you wear. Some people go way overboard. They spend above their means to buy brands but they do not know how to put them together to create a classic look. In this article, we hope to show you how to look rich without spending a lot of money.

    Tips for looking chic

    Stick with timeless cuts and patterns

    Don’t get sucked into trends. It is fine to raise and lower the hem, add a belt or, accessorize with current colors. But basic A-line dresses, a blazer and skirt or trousers, or a turtleneck made of  wool or cashmere will always work best. When you buy, spend your money on one quality item at a time.

    Use a laundry service

    It is a rare person that can protect and service clothes as well as a professional. A laundry service keeps the colors safe from fading, prevents stretching, snags, beading, and they replace missing buttons. Your clothes are ironed with fresh creases. You look fresh and new every time you dress.

    Have your trousers tailored

    People of wealth do not wear trousers directly off the rack. They have them tailored to fit their legs. This makes a major difference in the way the trousers look. It is a minor expense that will give you an immediate upgrade.

    Structured Handbag

    A nice structured handbag is an accessory that always looks expensive. Again, this is a purchase worth saving for. If you only buy one once per year, buy the best one you can afford. Do not be afraid to buy these from estate sales, or even thrift stores. A quality handbag will last for years. Stay with basic colors. Black, white, (black and white together) navy, and red or burgundy are good choices.

    White button-down shirt

    A quality button-down shirt is not that expensive. You should never be without one. There should always be a freshly ironed white button-down shirt in your closet. You can dress them up with a jacket, skirt, or trousers. You can dress them down with jeans. You can wear it over a tank and accessorize it with many different items for many different looks.

    Little Black Dress / Medium-weight gray suit

    For many years women have been taught that a little black dress is not just an essential, it is THE essential for a woman’s wardrobe. A little black dress can be dressed down with a scarf or sweater and flats or dressed up with a string of pearls and high heels. It can take you to and through any occasion.

    GQ magazine tells us the medium-weight gray suit is for men, what the little black dress is for women. It can be worn to anything from a business meeting to a wedding and on to a hot date with little more than a tie change.

    Camel Coat

    A structured camel coat is the essence of chic. From its creamy texture to its warm colors, it is a must-have. You can slip into a camel coat and immediately look like you have a high clothing budget.

    Black pointy-toe shoes

    Black pointy-toe shoes are timeless and beautiful. They look chic with any outfit. With slacks, jeans, or a skirt they just cannot be beaten Patent leather is your best choice.

    All White Outfit

    You cannot go wrong with an all-white outfit. White pants, shirt, shoes, and coat tells the world you can afford to never worry about a stain. It is clean, classy, and chic. Stand out. Don’t forget your handbag if you want to add contrast. Any color is ok for your handbag!

    Never wear polyester

    No person of wealth ever wears polyester. Buy cotton, wool, or silk. But never buy anything that is polyester. This cannot be overstated. Just don’t do it.

    There are some other things to keep in mind. Many people who want to look chic just try to hard. You don’t need a lot of big jewelry. Instead, use silk neck scarves that can be tied in various ways. Go easy on cosmetics. People who can afford to go to a make-up artist every day don’t. They enhance their natural beauty.

    Never talk about money. It is a giveaway that you are not rich if you tell people how much your handbag, coat, or shoes costs. You do not have to have money to have class. You do not have to have money to look chic. But if you want to look as if you have money, follow these tips and you will fit right in with the rich and famous.

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