Florentina Leitner Fall/Winter 2021 at New York Fashion Week

    Belgium-based designer Florentina Leitner showcased her 2021 fall-winter collection through a fashion film for New York Fashion Week. Florentina Leitner is among the new generation of designers whose ethos is anchored on a more sustainable creative approach. Leitner is developing a green line consisting of up-cycled pieces using vintage garments and jewellery. The fashion film The Royal Leitners, directed by Belgian director Athos Burez, provides a glimpse into the magic of her world, following the Leitner family through their Maison. From green tents to snowy landscapes – the film introduces you to her newspaper reading father and his Wiener dog companions, her eccentric, plant-loving grandmother, and a cadre of other interesting characters. Key Winter pieces like faux-fur hats, coats and ski masks are central in her collection. Floral prints and bright colours remain essential for the brand, layered with printed bodysuits, puffy dresses and wrap skirts to create a dynamic and arresting aesthetic inspired by her Austrian family and childhood. Florentina Leitner created a collection dear to the designer’s memories of innocent times. The Royal Leitners also pays homage to Wes Anderson’s 2001 movie The Royal Tenenbaums.

    Watch the fashion film here.

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