Sound Selection 119: Goldensuns, Wooden Drone, joe p

    joe p ‘Fighting In the Car’

    joe p, a singer-songwriter from Asbury Park, New Jersey, is most prominently known for his ear-pleasing song ‘Leaves,’ which currently holds over 1 million streams on Spotify alone. With his first appearance in 2021, joe p unveiled his latest single, ‘Fighting in the Car,’ a magnetic-like piece that takes you in from the get-go with its confident drive and message.

    Talking about the single joe p said:” ‘Fighting in the Car’ started with some notes randomly written down at 4am one night. I really liked how the words sat next to each other and supplied a sort of motion/action -based imagery with just a few words. I had the riff from the verse that felt sort of bouncy and confident, so when the chorus came, I wanted that to capture the contrasting imagery I had in my head that stemmed from the song title. I was trying to channel what it feels like to be willing to go through all of the most difficult/painful parts of something because even those moments are better than the best parts of other things. Like opting to go to hell if it means you could be with someone as opposed to going to heaven without them.”

    Goldensuns ‘Easy Love’

    By closing out 2020 with their track ‘Cover It Up,’ we knew more potent music was to come from the brother trio that are shaping up their forthcoming EP. Entering 2021 with the EP’s fourth song, ‘Easy Love’, Goldensuns did not disappoint. ‘Easy Love’ starts with a gloomy mood that slowly progresses into feelings of faith and love. Their dreamy-like sound is lucid throughout the song, taking us into their world.

    Talking about the song, they said: “Easy Love is a song about how perspective can shift everyday hardships in our minds into opportunity. We wanted to create a soundscape that reflected that—while the verses toil over the things that disconnect, the chorus washes them away, both sonically and also in its sentiment.”

    Wooden Drone ’24 Suns’

    Wooden Drone, the moniker of Emmanuel Lauzon, released his album fourteen-track album Never Ending Loops back in November of last year. Part of the mellifluous album, Wooden Drone featured our favourite track of the lot named ’24 Suns.’ The piece fuses striking synths with filmic textures and raw-sounding drums for a unique listening adventure. This one is for the playlists.

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