Sound Selection 120: Ormiston, Stray Fossa, Joram Feitsma

    Joram Feitsma ‘Flux’

    Joram Feitsma, an assistant professor in Utrecht by day, and a pianist at night, enchanted us with a twirling piano piece. ‘Flux’ is a softly performed piece that fuses mellifluous and moving melodies that twirl in and out through the surrounding room ambience. Feitsma is one of the several European artists that have created such a defined sound; alongside him are Joep Beving, Olafur Arnalds, and Nils Frahm — to name a few.

    Stray Fossa ‘Diving Line’

    Stray Fossa, an impressive Indie rock band out of Charlottesville, VA, have unveiled their latest single, ‘Diving Line’ — a few days ago. The song follows up on their three last singles to come out this year: ‘How Come?,’ ‘Orange Days,’ and ‘Best Kind of Moment,’ all part of their forthcoming debut album With You For Ever, which is due to be released on the 9th of April.

    ‘Diving Line’ is a song about discovering optimism in another person. The theme carries through the surfy rock sound and song’s hazy-like mood. If you’re looking for something euphonious, then you’ll love ‘Diving Line.’

    Ormiston ‘Rebel’ 

    ‘Rebel’ is the debut song by Ormiston, a Montreal-born singer-songwriter. Unlike many artists making debuts, Ormiston is no new name in the world of music; in 2013, under the moniker Beverlay, he released his song ‘Typically Her’, which ended up being remixed by Grammy-award-winning music producer Kaytranada — resulting in millions of plays.

    In ‘Rebel,’ there is a clear disco style explored that captures your attention with its warm energy and unforgettable vocals. Ormiston’s maturity in this song shows and sets up him up for a successful path ahead.

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