How To Approach A Style Change

    From time to time, it is a good idea to undergo a change of one’s personal style. Doing this has a number of benefits. For one thing, it means that you are going to be able to reinvent yourself, surprising people you know with your new look. It can also act as a very effective confidence-booster, for when you need to try and feel better about yourself. Whatever your reason, it’s wise to plan ahead so you know exactly how you are going to approach the situation. Let’s take a look at how to approach a style change now.

    Get Clear On Your Reasons

    First of all, you might want to take a moment to get really clear on just why you want to change your style. This is to ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons. If you are trying to impress other people or you feel pressured into this in any way, then that is unlikely to end up in the right way. Instead, you should be doing it merely because you want to. It is best when you approach this as a kind of play, or just because you want to see how it turns out. If you are doing it for that reason, you’ll enjoy it a lot more and get more out of it.

    Gather Inspiration

    Arguably one of the most important parts of all this is to spend some time gathering the necessary inspiration. You need to have some kind of idea of what styles you are following along with. You can think of this as a kind of creative pursuit. Just as you would look to other artists for inspiration when you are creating something, so too do you want to look at other people for inspiration in how to improve your own style.

    There are a lot of places to look for inspiration. You can look online at instagram, pinterest and so on. Or you can look to your friends or, quite simply, people you see in the street. Then there are magazines and people in the media. Gather all the inspiration you need, but always remember that you are aiming to improve and change your own style, not simply copy the style of someone else. Inspiration means that you use these ideas as a springboard, rather than a template, and move on to do what you want with the ideas.

    Get Rid Of What Isn’t Working…

    At the same time, if there is any aspect to your style that you immediately feel is probably not working all that well, you will want to try and get rid of that as soon as possible. You might already have an awareness of one or two elements that you need to do away with. If not, these might start to become clear as you gain inspiration and start to think about the changes you want to make. Be ruthless: don’t hold on to anything just for the sake of sentimentality or ‘just in case’.

    …But Try Revamping Old Items

    That being said, there are bound to be one or two of your old items that you could revamp into something completely new. By being a little creative and looking at some of your old clothes, you might be able to create an entirely new look without having to hardly buy anything new at all. That is great for those on a budget, or if you just want to put more of your own personal artistry into the whole process. In any case, you should think outside the box of each item before throwing it out.

    Start Collecting New Items

    Try not to put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to collating together the new style. You are not necessarily going to know exactly what you want straight away, and that’s okay. It is often preferable to simply start collecting new items piecemeal as you go, even if you don’t have a clear idea of where you are going to end up with it all. Later on, you will start to find that things naturally come together more and more. For now, just think of yourself as a kind of scavenger or scrapbook artist.

    Begin Making Some Combinations

    At the base level, what you need to be doing in all this is putting together outfit combinations that make sense to you, speak to your personality in some way, and offer up some kind of a departure from your old style. By beginning to put together some combinations for outfits, you are going to find that you can much more easily start to get a good sense of what direction your new style will take. This is where the real creating actually starts to happen, so you should try to enjoy it!

    Collect Some More Basics

    In all of this, you are going to find it is so much easier if you have the right essential items in your wardrobe. There are certain basic items which are likely to crop up in various outfits again and again, and by having these in your wardrobe you will find the whole process a lot simpler indeed. Start collecting your white t-shirts, denim shorts, jeans, and all-purpose shoes now, as they are going to become very important once you are trying to put everything together into a new style. You can think of these items as the canvas you are painting on. Without them, you’re not going to have a painting at all.

    Come Up With A Label

    Whether or not you generally like to ascribe to labels, they can certainly be helpful from time to time. Coming up with a label for your new look might prove to be one of the most powerful steps you can take, as it will enable you to work to that headline, as it were. If you don’t like the idea of this, by all means skip this part. But a lot of people find it is surprisingly useful, so it’s worth trying out at the very least.

    Match Your Body

    There is always a lot of talk around body type, body shapes and so on. Whether or not you believe in these, it is certainly going to make a difference to be aware of what kind of a body you have, and how clothes tend to sit on you. This is more often than not an intuitive thing, but even so it’s something that you can work on too if you want to get more out of it. Make sure you are wearing clothes to match your body at all times, otherwise you might find that things just look off from time to time.

    Be Aware Of The Little Touches

    During all of this, you are going to want to think about both the large and the small. The large is obviously the overarching style, and all of the major outfits that you are beginning to put together. The small is those little touches that go into an outfit, and which often serve to actually complete the outfit as a whole. Be aware of these things, such as belts, purses, tragus earrings, and other little touches. They really do make all the difference in the world, and it shows if you have not paid attention to them enough.

    Approach Your New Style With Confidence

    Whatever it is that you decide upon, one of the most important things is that you are approaching the new style with confidence. In truth, having confidence is what ultimately sells it, so if you do not have this, you are not going to feel quite as good about the changes you are making. The best confidence, true confidence, comes from within, which means that you are actually happy with yourself in a genuine way.

    To develop that, make sure that you are happy with all aspects of your life, and that you are living in a way that you are happy with too, and which falls in line with your own perception of yourself. You should also make sure that the style you are adopting is one that you feel confident in and which you feel is true to you. If it is, you will automatically be able to approach it with greater confidence from the outset, and that is going to help you to carry it off in a much better way.

    By working on your confidence in these dual ways, you can hope to approach your new style in just the right manner, and that is going to make all the difference in the world to how it is taken by other people as well. Make sure not to overlook this.

    As you can see, there are quite a few things that you might want to be aware of. But as long as you have worked through these ideas, you should be able to approach your next style change in the best way possible, whether it comes in a month or a year from now.

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