13 Reasons People Stay Friends With Their Exes

    For many people, breakups mean a complete end of any communication with their ex-partners. In some cases, they even come from lovers to enemies. Some people treat their exes like the sex dolls and often engage in sexual intercourse wth no strings attached with them. However, some manage to maintain a good relationship with their exes, even though the romantic feelings have already vanished.

    If you are interested in why for some people, the hackneyed phrase let’s stay friends means precisely what it says, this article is for you! Below, you will find a few reasons why exes stay friends, including sentimentalism, pragmatic motives, shared resources, continued romantic attraction, being polite and civil towards each other, and some more. Read on and learn more about relationships with exes!

    Affirming that You’re a Cool Person

    At the beginning of the relationship, you can talk about all your private life – your family, friends, hobbies, and interests. As soon as you break up, the other person will take a closer look at your life, and they might realize that there is nothing interesting in it apart from them. If you stay friends with your exes, they can still see an interesting side of you and know that you are still a cool person!

    Continuing to Help Each Other

    While you were together, your ex could help you with different things. Now that you are not dating anymore, he or she can still offer you some support or feed you with information about something. You can ask for them to show you around the city or give you tips on how to become a good cook. This way, you will save money and get new skills as well!

    You Want to Be Polite

    It’s very difficult to stay away from someone you used to love, especially when you know that he or she feels the same about you. In this case, being civil towards each other is the best solution. After all, there is no need to fight over something that has already ended!

    Keeping Your Options Open

    It happens sometimes that a partner breaks up with us because they have found someone better who suits them better than we do. A person who stays in touch with his or her exes might develop romantic feelings again. So if you want to keep your options open, just stay friends with your exes!

    Shared Friends and Interests

    It’s hard to give up your share of friends and interests just because one of you is no longer there. So if you would like to continue doing things together with people whom you both know and like, being friends with your ex might be a good option. Besides, if for some reason you have been living together in the past, it makes sense to share the expenses even after splitting up!

    You Don’t Want to Give Up on Them

    For people who believe in soulmates and true love, breakups might seem unnatural and even cruel. Therefore, staying friends with your ex might be an alternative to simply giving up on each other! However, such couples are usually very cautious when it comes to letting their feelings out since they don’t want to jeopardize their friendship!

    Pure Jealousy

    If you have recently broken up with your partner and feel jealous about any guys or gals who approach him or her, staying friends with your ex might be the best idea! You will be able to see everything he or she does and won’t allow anyone to steal your ex from you!

    Fear of Change

    If your partner left you long ago but you still feel hurt and sad, it might be difficult for you to get yourself back on track and adjust to the new situation. Being friends with your ex is an absolutely safe way of keeping contact with someone who used to be close to you. This way, you won’t have to commit to anything new!

    Making Them Jealous

    If you have found a new partner, but your ex is still not over you, staying friends with him or her might make him or her jealous. This way, you will show that you don’t care about him/her and that you are 100% over the relationship!

    You Value Their Opinion

    Your ex might be able to offer you some great advice on how to handle a certain situation in your life. It could also happen that he or she has gone through something similar before and could help you figure out what went wrong. This way, being friends with your ex can be quite beneficial for both of you!

    They Won’t Let You Go

    This is one of the worst reasons why people stay friends with their exes, but it happens sometimes. Some people can make too much fuss when a breakup happens, and in this case, it’s better to be civil just to avoid any unpleasantness and arguments. However, if you start staying in touch with your ex for this reason, there is a high chance that you will end up with an emotionally dependent relationship again.

    You Don’t See Any Alternatives

    When a breakup happens, we don’t know how to cope with the situation and what to do next. That’s why staying friends with your ex might seem like a good idea – at least you have someone who cares about you around. However, as soon as you adjust to the new situation, it would be better to start moving forward without holding onto the past!

    You Hope to Get Back Together

    Some people believe that they were born for each other, so breakups mean nothing more than a temporary separation. They will always hope that one day they will get back together again and continue their relationship where they left off. In this case, staying in touch with your exes is an excellent way of maintaining your hopes alive!

    In Conclusion

    It’s hard to understand why some people decide to stay friends with their exes. Maybe it’s just an effort to keep their options open, or perhaps they are afraid of being alone. You may find yourself in a situation where you’re still friends with your ex and don’t really know why, hopefully, this article has cleared some things out to you. In any case, you should never live in the past. Even if you remain friends with your ex – you need to think about the future and build your relationship. During a pandemic, many people are looking for new acquaintances on dating sites where they can meet Asian women or men.

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