Summer Hat Guide: 5 Best Summer Hats for Men in 2021

    Accessories are an absolute must-have, men and women alike! They serve the purpose of pulling a look together and seek to express one’s style and personality. The market is choke-full of accessories that offer versatility in different ways to create different looks without purchasing new outfits. Undoubtedly, Handbags, especially for women, are the go-to accessories to complete any look. A Fendi baguette bag, for instance, is a classic that pairs well with formal and casual outfits. This bag cuts across all ages and is bound to make a statement regardless of the occasion. 

    For men, hats are the simplest yet most practical of accessories. With lots of sun-drenched days, hats should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Hats provide the needed protection to the face, neck, and shoulders depending upon how wide the brim is. The perfect hat is that which can make one look trendy all the while offering protection from the glaring sun. It’s common knowledge that UV rays from the sun can cause health damages such as premature aging, certain skin cancers, hyperpigmentation, leathery skin, liver spots, or even eye problems.

    With a hat, your face is the primary focus hence you don’t have to worry about your hair, you just need to brush your hair, adorn your favorite hat and you are good to go! The rule of thumb to wearing a hat is to first consider it as you begin to assemble your look. The choice of one over the other is primarily based on style, season, and occasion. The key to picking any hat is to go for one that feels comfortable, lightweight and provides excellent protection from the sun. Below is a highlight of this year hottest must-haves to furnish your closet for 2021;

    The Bucket hat

    Bucket hats first made a hit in the ’90s but the trend is slowly but surely making a comeback. These hats can take your style from good to absolutely legendary without trying too much. Bucket hats complement well with streetwear. Always choose a color that matches the scheme in the rest of your outfit to create a cohesive and stylish look.

    The Baseball hat

    A baseball hat is the most popular and a must-have in every man’s closet. A well-fitting baseball hat ought to sit comfortably above the ears and the front resting on the forehead. When in doubt, choose a neutral color for the hat, allowing it to match with any outfit. Its compatibility with all body types makes it the best bet for any man looking for a summer hat.

    The Visor

    One would arguably state that the visor is barely a hat. Yes, it’s pretty much a brim but still does the job pretty well. This hat shades the eyes while allowing the top of the head to have a breather. A visor hat is for the man who wants to look good and make a statement. It pairs well with a casual look such as tracksuits and is extremely lightweight.

    The Fedora

    The Fedora was ‘THE’ hat to own for men from the late 1890s up to the 1950s. Back in the day, gentlemen rarely went out without their priced hats. A classic Fedora hat is shaped like a teardrop silhouette and an indented crown with a wide brim. Today, men have taken up on the Fedora to make a bold fashion statement. For office and official occasions, these hats can be used to bring a touch of formality to any outfit.

    Panama hats

    Panama hats are the perfect accessory for formal wear such as tailored suits that are worn with dress shoes. These hats are hand-woven from the toquilla straw which is considered the finest of weaves and it can take up to four months to weave hence goes without saying that these hats can cost a pretty penny but for a good cause.

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