How to Sell CS:GO Skins in 2021?

    Are you an avid fan of the Counter-Strike franchise? Then you are probably familiar with the concept of skin selling or trading. There are many methods to buy and sell in-game items, both official and unofficial. To choose the right approach, you need to determine your own expectations in terms of privacy, safety, and pricing.

    Skin selling is a useful skill, and you can find some great deals online. It also requires experience, time, and a reliable intermediary. Some exchanges allow you to get real money, while payments elsewhere are purely virtual. Which method is the best to sell CS:GO skins or buy some new gear? Find out in our guide.

    Drawbacks of the Steam Marketplace

    This platform is the default destination for players who want to exchange skins. It allows you to sell these items at no cost to any fellow user. The system is always available — 24/7. It is the biggest environment, so you have high odds of finding a counterparty for the transaction.

    The official channel of Valve protects all of its users. It takes stringent measures to secure its operations. As the official marketplace, the system is safe, but it is not ideal. In fact, there are quite a few important limitations.

    • Real money may not be used.
    • Your revenue is only virtual, and it remains inside the Steam environment.
    • The only possible uses are the purchases of other skins or games.

    The rationale behind the scheme is not clear. We can only suppose the brand had to comply with some stringent AML limitations. Apparently, they are designed to protect you against fraudulent activities on the Internet.

    Real Money: DMarket

    Some (but not all!) third-party solutions may be preferable to the official trading channel. For example, DMarket is a top-rated platform that connects millions of gamers and fans of eSports. Its members can buy and sell in-game items along with NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

    The functionality is broad: you will find benefits in both the game tech and fintech dimensions, such as instant sale and circular exchange. The payment methods range from MasterCard to Neteller and Bitcoin. You can receive and send funds using popular debit and credit card systems, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency.

    So, What Should You Choose?

    On the one hand, the official Steam platform is used by millions of fellow gamers, and it is also very secure. At the same time, your items may not earn any physical revenue — only virtual money for use in games. Sites like DMarket are a legit alternative. They may also help you find a seller or buyer, while the money flows are tangible. The payment system is also extremely flexible — you can even use cryptocurrencies!

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