Need A Boudoir Makeover? Here’s Ten Tips To Get You There

    The one place in your home that should give you the feeling of relaxation is your bedroom. Sure, your lounge is going to have a similar effect, but you sleep in the bedroom and that’s where you should feel safest and most comfortable. With a safe and beautiful bedroom, you will be able to sit or lie down, totally relax and be able to feel calm. It’s your sanctuary and if you’re sharing a house with other people, it’s your getaway zone to be able to take a moment to breathe. For this all to work, however, you need your bedroom to be that place for you, which means that you need to figure out what your bedroom needs to make it look and feel good. 

    From the furniture to the wallpaper on the walls, your bedroom needs to inspire sleep, confidence and calm. You should be able to walk in and feel your feet sink into comfortable carpets. You should be able to smell scents that relax you and you should be able to smile as you walk into the space. Ideally, you’ll have more than just a bed in there, but that’ll depend on the size of the bedroom you’re working with. Some people have bedrooms that are literally just a sleep space, with a bed to sleep in and not much beyond that. Others have huge, airy bedrooms with minimal furniture and a ton of space. You can customize your bedroom based on the space you have, or you can maximize the space and get totally creative with how you use it. 

    This is your bedroom and if you’re tired of how it looks, making it over is the smartest decision that you can make this year. We may be coming into the final part of 2021, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the new year to have a new room. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together ten excellent tips to get your room looking the exact way that you want it to! Let’s go!

    1. Choose your colors wisely. You don’t have to go bold if you don’t want to, but if you do and you’re putting bolder colors in the bedroom, make sure that it’s not the ENTIRE room. Bold colors are great but in a bedroom you want to lean toward the calm colors as these just emanate restfulness. Choose colors that are calming, like powder blues and gentle hues of purple. You can have bold splashes in your cushion covers or inspirational quotes on the walls, but try to stick with the pale colors and you’ll feel the difference pretty quickly. A beautiful grey flooring will complement the feel of your room. They are extremely popular at the moment. Stories Flooring have a great selection.
    2. Don’t just focus on wall color. The ceiling above you is often left untouched aside from a lick of pale paint. You could switch this up by painting the ceiling a paler shade of the color on the walls to create a more intimate setting. You could also choose to stencil the ceiling and you’ll see how good it looks. Let’s not forget, when you’re lying in bed at night, it can often be better to have something pretty to look at. You could choose to add a beautiful lighting structure or even things like crown moldings. A delicate chandelier, for example, can help the space to truly exude luxury. 
    3. Don’t overdo it. Your bedroom is supposed to inspire relaxation, but there is no room in the house for that if you plan to clutter up the space. Your bedroom needs adequate storage for any of your personal clutter, but we’re talking furniture clutter. There is nothing worse than stacked furniture that crowds the bed and the floor space. You shouldn’t have to walk sideways out of your room because a dresser is in the way, for example. Think about the way that the furniture is laid out and make sure that you have enough space around the bed to move around. You should try to keep the bedroom simple, and the furniture low!
    4. Choose what you need for your furniture. Furnishing your bedroom can be easy. If you have built-in wardrobes, you wont need to buy a dresser or a set of robes, for example. The furniture should also be the right size. If your bedroom is on the small side, it’s actually a ridiculous idea to choose a king-sized bed. You should also consider that your furniture has to fit the room, which is why you need to get handy with a measuring tape. Don’t buy any furniture or accessories that won’t fit in the space. We don’t mean that you should take up every single bit of floor space, either. You should fit what you need to fit without taking every square inch of flooring. It’s true if your bedroom is a larger one, too. Tiny dressers don’t really work in a big bedroom, so choose to add a little more, such as an armchair or a desk.
    5. Don’t forget your storage. Your clothing, shoes, your makeup and your accessories all need somewhere to live, so you need to make sure that you are buying storage to suit everything, and you want to make sure that your storage is going to keep things out of sight! Your storage can be in the form of a drawer under your bed, the extra little boxes you buy for your perfumes and your toiletries, and it can even be a trunk at the foot of the bed for books and sheets. Your storage is all about what works for your bedroom decor, so don’t be afraid to check it all out and see what kind of storage systems will work for your bedroom. 
    6. Create a reading corner. It’s a sure thing that you’re going to be reading in other areas of the house, but if you want the chance to get away from the other occupants and you just want a little space to read privately, try out making your own reading nook. Think oversized, chunky armchairs, a hanging lamp and a table for a drink or your book to sit on. You should also consider your armchair being one that allows you to lay down or put your feet up! You need a private space to sit and unplug from technology and a reading corner is generally the perfect area. You should try to put all this together near a window. Even though you’ll have a hanging light, natural light is going to make a big difference in how this space makes you feel.
    7. Indulge a little! Your bedroom has to feel luxurious for you to want to spend time in there. It should be comfortable, too, and one of the best ways to make that happen is not to skimp on the linens. Your bedroom fabrics should all be luxurious enough that you feel content the moment you sink into them. Think 100% cotton sheets and high thread counts. You want them to have that crispy hotel feel to them. You can even send your sheets to a dry cleaner to make them feel like you’re actually in a hotel. It doesn’t have to cost much to do this and it’s so worth it! Luxury can also be added to the window dressings, rugs, cushions and other fabrics. Cashmere is the perfect fabric for the blanket thrown over the chair, too!
    8. Dress your windows. A bedroom is not a finished room if you don’t have the right window dressings. Consider your windows, the eyes of the room, and the decor of the eyeshadow! The texture that is added to your windows adds a softness to the space and it can make your room feel far more welcoming and inviting. Think about how curtains or blinds will make you feel and test them both. Some people don’t just invest in one type of window treatment: they get both curtains and blinds. They do this for extra darkness and privacy and they do it for those longer summer mornings where the sun rises earlier.
    9. Don’t forget your lighting. From bedside lamps to reading lamps, chandeliers and sconces, you need to make sure that you are including all of your lighting options when you are putting together a bedroom makeover. Lamps can offer far more ambience than ceiling lights, but if the ceiling light is a chandelier, it may be nicer to have a chandelier in the room. Your natural lighting also needs to be considered to make your bedroom airy and bright. If it’s a possibility, consider expanding the windows on the walls. You can then pull in more light and it’ll make the space a beautiful place to be!
    10. Make it an escape. No matter what you do for your bedroom makeover, you need to ensure that it’s an escape compared to the other rooms in the house. If you can create a space that you can cherish, you’ll be in the position to enjoy a beautiful and calming place to relax.

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