Players React to Ridiculous eFootball 2022 Faces

    The rebranding of PES to eFootball looked promising for FIFA’s main rival. However, the rebrand could do nothing to improve the game, which has been the lowest-rated game on Steam since its release. In fact, eFootball has been roasted by players because of its consistent bugs and awful face scanning. Messi, the game’s cover boy, arguably received the worst face scan, resulting in a blast of mocking by eFootball players via social media.

    A negative review on Steam stated: “Absolutely horrible. Poorly optimised, the game looks like a mobile port without the onscreen buttons, and the graphical glitches are awful.
    This is not FIFA’s competition, this is FIFA’s free advertising. Horrible and ruined childhood game.”

    Here are some reactions by players on the popular social media Twitter.

    Abbie Wilson
    Abbie Wilson
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