Hobbies That Can Make You Money

    It’s the dream, isn’t it? A recreational hobby that you make you money, a side hustle that can provide that little extra income to fund the things you love. While hobbies are often undertaken for simple enjoyment purposes the internet has allowed for so many hobbies to provide a revenue stream for many and here are some hobbies that could provide you with a little added bonus. 


    If you are an avid gamer then this is a match made heaven. The last ten years have seen monetisation in gaming explode and its notoriety as a popular sport in the United States climb the ranks. There are several different revenue options when it comes to online gaming and they vary from one-off lump sums to monthly incomes. Ways in which gamers can make money are prize money, salaries, sponsorship, live streaming or via the powerhouse that is YouTube. What is more, the amounts earned can vary from very modest sums to absolutely eye-watering amounts. 


    Trading has been a source of professional income for decades but with the expansion of virtual services trading has transcended beyond business districts to people’s livings rooms. Whether you deal in Forex Trading or cryptocurrency exchange trading can be a pleasurable pastime that gives novice and professional traders the opportunity to earn a profit. 


    Blogging still remains one of the most popular online hobbies and even earners. While the average blog earning is thought to be modest and huge amounts of time and dedication is required to earn a substantial living through a blog, a passive income is possible. Some ways bloggers can earn money is through advertising, affiliate marketing or sponsored content.

    Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

    Moving away from the virtual world and bringing you back to the hard ground as you know it. If your passion lies away from the computer screen and you have a love affair with animals then why not consider pet sitting or dog walking. A household pet is a loved and treasured addition to any family and the overwhelming majority of pet owners will do anything to ensure their pet is well looked after. If you can offer services such as dog walking or pet sitting to facilitate the lives of pet owners it is sure to provide you with satisfaction and an additional income. 


    Perhaps your creative flair lies in the kitchen and you have a penchant for a biscuit base or piped icing. If you fancy yourself the next bake-off star then why not marry up your skill sets with the power of social media and promote your online baked goods online. You could start by sharing recipes or video tutorials online to gain interest and a following, or by offering your cakes to friends and families to gain awareness. Be sure to photograph and share all of your bakes online as and when you do them. As things progress you could look to monetise your hobby whether it is selling your cakes, creating online subscriptions services, or simply through advertising on your ever-popular baking site.

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