The Best Sports Gaming Apps Out Now

    It’s no secret that sports fans love their games, and it’s no secret that gamers love their mobile games. The mobile gaming industry has gotten so big that console games are adapting their classics into mobile format and even Netflix are getting in on the gig.

    But with so much competition drowning the market, it’s hard to know what’s really worth playing. Well, if you love gaming and you love sports, there are a lot to choose from. Take a look at our picks for the very best.

    Football games

    Those who love The Beautiful Game can appreciate every beautiful detail and the best mobile football game will also appreciate all those details. They would have to come a long way from the games that were played on the first PlayStations that featured players that looked like something from a foosball table and janky controls.

    And it is. FIFA is considered the staple of football all over the world. They offer us the World Cup, the annual installations of an ever-improving console game, and now a mobile version.

    FIFA mobile offers all the things sports fans love about the console games, including the Ultimate Team feature, which sees you build your team out of all your favorite players, accounting for talent and skill sets to make the best team.

    The online aspect isn’t lost on the mobile app either. Play against your friends and keep a hold of them in an in-game contact list so that you can get started as quickly as possible.

    Casino games

    If you are a lover of sports, no doubt you are a lover of sports betting. There are literally hundreds of apps, one of the best known is the online casino NetBet app. The app offers everything from football to horse racing, tennis, and everything in between. Right now they have an offer on for new players which would double their money in free bets when they deposit £10 and up to 100 free spins.

    Oh yeah, that’s right: NetBet has casino games too. If you like to dance with Lady Luck, or you appreciate the tactics of a round of poker, you can indulge in all of it on NetBet.

    Racing games

    What is it about cars going round and round in a circle that has us hypnotized? Is it the skill of hitting that corner just right, as fast as possible without spinning out? Is it the mechanics of trying to make a car as light as possible therefore as fast as possible? Or do you love seeing Bowser spin out when he hits a banana peel?

    Whatever the case, you can get a taste of it in the app store. Bowser, specifically, can be found on the Mario Kart Tour app, but if you like your drivers a little less bulky you can look at CSR Racing 2. This has a great Fast and Furious feel where you see stunning sports cars race through urban city streets. There is even a semblance of a story there, like Dom’s “family”.

    Arts in one place.

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