How The Film and Entertainment World Has Become So Pivotal In Our Lives

    If you think about how much technology has advanced in recent times, you have access to such a wide variety of content all from the comfort of your living room. Something which seemed almost unfeasible 20 years ago. 

    In the last 10 years alone, there has been a surge in online streaming services amongst US households with a whopping increase of 450%. We become so reliant on it that it is pretty difficult to imagine not living without it now. There are always concerns that having too much access to film and television can start to affect your personal life, but as with anything it is fine in moderation.  

    You Can Watch Pretty Much Any Film You Like 

    You are no longer limited to what is on tv but can instead rewatch various classic films or search for new content that you haven’t seen. 

    Vacation times are the perfect opportunity to explore new content on streaming sites as you are likely to have more time on your hands. 

    You Can Recreate the Atmosphere of the Cinema From Home 

    With big wide screen televisions pretty much the norm now it is a lot easier to recreate the feeling of being at the cinema. You just need a big flat screen tv, a comfy couch, the latest virtual reality movies and some good surround sound and you are all set to go. Vacation times or cold wintry nights are the perfect occasions to share this experience with a loved one at home. It is reminiscent of heading to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster on the big screen, only this time it is from the comfort of home. 

    This is far more appealing than heading to the cinema where you have to share the room with other strangers who insist on making a lot of noise every time they reach for a snack or drink. You also don’t have the problem of someone ridiculously tall, sitting in front of you that can obstruct your view or worrying about missing a part of the film when you head to the restroom as you can pause it when you like. 

    You Can Listen To Podcasts On The Go 

    There has also been a recent surge in the popularity of podcasts, particularly over the past year during lockdown. You can now listen to a podcast on your smartphone or tablet whilst you are doing household chores or pop your headphones in when you go for a run. 

    This accessibility to use technology in such a way enables consumers to go about their daily lives whilst also feeling connected to others by listening to the host of the podcast chat to various different guests. It has become a way for either people to learn something new or feel connected to others as though you are listening to your friends have a chat. 

    You Have The Ability To Play Immersive Online Games 

    With the technology that is available now, online gaming is far more realistic and immersive than ever before. It’s not like in the 90’s when the most realistic thing you would get is sitting at your laptop playing SimCity 2000, where you would be able to build your own city whilst simultaneously unleashing havoc by creating natural disasters. Now in 2021, as long as you have a decent internet connection and a laptop, smartphone or tablet you can easily download the latest craze. So whether you want to head into the world of Minecraft and start creating your own virtual world or battle your enemies in League of Legends the experience is far more realistic. 

    The online streaming world is certainly influential when it comes to gaming as at least 70% of the demographic that are playing these types of games are 18 or over and 83% of the games that are bought, are in digital format as opposed to a physical game. 

    So the way in which younger generations are playing games has certainly changed from the habits of young people 10 or 20 years ago. This is mostly down to how technology has evolved and enabled gaming to become a lot faster with quicker download times and the ability to produce good graphics which are strikingly realistic. 

    So you can certainly ascertain that technological changes have made a significant difference in our daily lives, in how we watch and enjoy tv and entertainment.

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