6 Tips When Shopping for Men’s Wedding Rings

    Shopping for a wedding ring is a once-in-a-lifetime process that allows you to look for a ring you will want to wear for many years to come. A wedding band is a great way to display your style since most men don’t wear much jewelry.

    Whether you want a unique ring or one that matches your partner’s, you have the chance to select the features that are sensible to you. However, the options can be a little intimidating if you have never purchased metal jewelry before.

    The following tips will help you pick something that suits your taste:

    Choose the kind of ring you want

    Do you want something chunky and rich-looking or subtle understated? You must know the general stylistic role you want the ring to play before considering the options. For instance, you can go for bespoke Antler wedding rings if you want a sophisticated look.

    Unless you possess an incredibly unvaried personal taste, you don’t want to buy a single ring that matches everything in your wardrobe. It would be best if you had realistic expectations. You can, for instance, choose from a wide selection of Viking style wedding rings that can be used as a statement piece or for everyday wear. This way, you can have a good balance of style and versatility.

    Decide which metal type and color is best for you

    One of the most vital decisions you will have to make is selecting the metal type. Also, because each metal type has its pros and cons, you need to think carefully. Your ring’s strength, color, and resistance to blemish or scratch rely heavily on the metal you pick. Some of the most widely used metals used in men’s wedding rings include;

    • Gold – although it is only one of many great options, it has immense cultural power. It is mainly found in gold, white gold, and rose gold shades. While pure gold is yellowish, rose gold is alloyed with copper, and white gold is alloyed with manganese or nickel.
    • Silver- depending on the quality, silver jewelry can sometimes cost more than gold. You should go for silver if you desire a white-tone ring.
    • Platinum – is white in appearance and considered to be the strongest metal.
    • Tungsten carbide – its appearance ranges from silver to black. Although it is impossible to resize, it does not scratch or damage easily.

    Choose your preferred band width

    The width of a wedding band depends on personal preference. Try on a few bands to find out what width is perfect for your style. You will notice that the band looks intrusive and heavy on the finger if it is too broad. On the other hand, extremely thin rings look dainty and unattractive.

    Do you want extra designs on the ring?

    Most men prefer plain wedding bands devoid of any design. However, designs allow you to stand out and display your style. Some standard designs include;

    • Stripes
    • Two-tone metal
    • Non-metal inlay
    • Pattern

    Do you want to add diamonds or any gemstones?

    Most women have precious stones in their wedding rings. However, this is not common when it comes to men. Consider adding some gemstones to your ring if you want to have a flashy wedding ring. Although it is a matter of personal preference, it is highly recommended.

    Type of finish or texture you want

    Despite your metal choice determining the color of your ring, how the metal looks depends on the finish you choose. Do you desire a smooth and polished look? Some of the popular finish types that can transform the appearance of your wedding band include;

    • Brushed
    • Hammered
    • High polished

    You must make some considerations before buying a wedding ring. Only be willing to pay serious money for a wedding band that is perfect for you.

    It would help if you also understood that there are many fake rings in the market today. However, you have made a worthy investment as soon as you make the right choices concerning the size, style, and price.

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