The Importance Of Dance As A Form Of Art

    When art is spoken about a lot of different forms instantly pop into your mind. You may think of Artists such as Norman Gilbert, you may think about photography, sculptures, abstract art or contemporary. Art comes in so many forms. 

    However, there is a question and a popular debate topic, whether all forms of dance fall within the genre of art.  Whether dancers such as the Shen Yun dancers to hip hop dancers are creating art. 

    Here you will read compelling reasons why this form of self-expression is a form of art, in its own right. 

    It Is Closely Aligned With Music

    Music is a craft of its own and a well known and respected form of art and creative outlet. 

    Although dance is not necessarily required to be paired with music they do go hand in hand.

    Dance takes all types of music and provides a physical outlet where the fluidity of the body can be applied to music to add a visual element and complement the music. Short dance video clips, in particular, have become increasingly popular as a means of capturing and sharing moments of artistic expression. Learning about different musics and forms of dance opens the mind to different and new creativity, offering exposure to different cultures and expression styles. These clips not only showcase the artist’s personal style but also provide glimpses into their lifestyle, culture, and experiences, enriching the tapestry of artistic expression.

    It Is A Form Of Self Expression

    Art is closely associated with emotion and mood. It provides a physical representation and visual aid to evoke a feeling, promote talking points and triggers thought and consideration along with enjoyment and beauty. 

    Whether you are a dancer or you are watching a performance, dance evokes the same reactions. 

    Through the movements of the body, a dance is able to showcase emotions and entice the viewing into sharing the emotional journey the dancer is telling. 

    Through facial expressions, gestures, the steps taken, the music associated and the way it engages with the viewer, dance meets the requirements to place it in the category of being a form of art. 

    Like all types of art, you don’t necessarily need to understand it to appreciate its beauty and find enjoyment from it. If anything it is this subjectivity that makes art popular for people of all ages and of all life experiences. 

    Tells A Story

    Dance is about portraying a message through storytelling. 

    Storytelling is a well known and respected form of art. Dance takes the story and literally brings it to life in a visual manner. 

    Through moving their body, the dancer is able to take the viewer on a story. Body language, facial expression and rhythmic motions all sync together to captivate the watcher and draw them into the tale as it is unfolding. 

    All types of dance forms can be applied to storytelling. One of the most obvious being ballet. Through the combination of gesturing, body movements, solo performances or group dances a story unfolds in front of your eyes. 

    Open To Interpretation

    Like all forms of art, there is an element of interpretation required. Some art forms are ambiguous and others are relatively easy to understand. Dance is no different. 

    How you are able to interpret what the body movements mean can vary. One person has different emotions evoked than another. 

    Even if the message is clear, the interpretation of the dance can still differ. 

    Literature and poetry are both prime examples of where the message can be clear but interpretations can differ. Shakespeare plays are well known for their artistry. The play doesn’t change. The words on the page remain the same. However, the interpretation when performed can evoke different emotions, and can open up different talking points. From how the words are said, the costumes used, the creativity of the set, how relationships are portrayed all influence how interpretations can vary. 

    Dance is no different. With a variety of different ways to position, angle, gesture and express yourself, dance can be interpreted in many different ways. 

    Being one of the purest ways of self-expression, dance is an art form that doesn’t require anything more than a person’s body.

    Yes, there is technical knowhow associated with certain dance forms, however with so many different forms of dance it doesn’t always require certain training. 

    Through passion, desire and expression to be shared, dance is one of the only forms of art that has popularity across all parts of the world. Language or technical training doesn’t matter. By moving the body, a story can be told that can be appreciated by anyone.

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