Most Viewed and Popular Fashion Bloggers on YouTube: How to Start Your Own Channel About Style

    Sometimes, you just have to take a leap for something you believe in. For some people, this might mean starting a new YouTube channel. For others, it might be opening a boutique or writing a book.

    If you love fashion or style, a great option is to start a fashion or style channel of your own on YT. The top style channels out there made it happen through hard work and consistency. Check out these tips to help yourself find success.

    Invest in Yourself

    Everyone has to start somewhere, right? That’s why there are tons of tools out there to help you out. One tool that so many people just shrug off is the ability to purchase YT hits and other similar packages. Companies like will give you an opportunity to buy 500 YouTube views for cheap, and they do it well.

    You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find ways to succeed. A little bit of investment will go a long way. You can also invest in yourself in other ways. Time is a major investment. You need to take the time to create quality content and not just publish any random thing.

    You can invest in yourself by having great equipment, boosting your social media postings, and implementing new ideas into your work as these bloggers.

    Top Fashion Bloggers on YouTube

    Let’s start with the bloggers that you might be able to take inspiration from. There are a lot of them out there. Take a look at these names to help you on the way.

    • Tess Christine: just wanted to share some ideas she had and now has more than 200 million views and 2 million followers. She only makes 2-3 videos per month.
    • Zoella: is probably one of the most successful. She was even recognized in Forbes for her success. She has had more than 1 billion total views since 2009.
    • Samantha Maria: sets herself apart by being a travel enthusiast. She has a versatile and unique style and always adapts to trends wherever she may be.
    • Vanessa Zilleti: she actually shares a journey. It’s almost as if she has a reality show with a series of episodes. She shares shopping tips as well as various guides and tutorials.
    • Jenn Im: focuses on lifestyle as a whole with a ton of style advice in the mix. It’s very personable and sharing but also creative and inspiring.

    These are just a few of the most popular examples. You will find there are a ton more successful people out there.

    Now, check out other tips to create your own success.

    Turn Viewing into Following

    You want to get plenty of views on your channel. It’s the views that get you success in the end. But it’s about more than just views too. Your views will add up, and you will see people like the names we shared above that get more than 1 billion total views.

    That’s pretty amazing! 

    It’s also amazing to build a following. In fact, having a consistent following will likely go a long way to help you be more successful. One way to do this is to create video content where you implore those watching to then subscribe.

    Some of them will, and some of them won’t. However, you should still keep asking. The more that you can turn into subscribers, the better off you will be in the long run. It’s a simple concept. The subscribers are the ones who will keep coming back.

    They are your returners and your repeaters. They also are likely to share you at some point with others they know.

    Create Something Uniquely You

    It’s totally acceptable to use other people for inspiration. But if you read through that quick list of popular names above, you will see they all do something unique. Some of them heavily focus on style. Others also include makeup, travel, or just tips for shopping.

    As you determine what type of style channel you want to have, think about making it unique. And don’t just make it something different from every other channel. Make it something insanely different but totally YOU.

    The key point here is you don’t want to just copy what everyone else is doing. You also don’t want to come up with some unique concept that really doesn’t fit you. You want to make something of your own. It needs to really reflect you and reflect the style you’re trying to create.

    When you can bring both of those concepts together, people notice. They don’t want you to pretend to be something you’re not. They can tell when it’s fake. They want the real you, and they want it to be useful and interesting while they watch.

    Faking it rarely helps you make it in this scenario.

    Use Great Equipment


    Have you seen those pictures of shoes or dresses floating around? They look like a different color to certain people. That change in color is sometimes related to the person, but it could also be their lighting or equipment.

    While you can’t do anything about their visual equipment, you can do something about yours.

    As you’re creating stuff for others to see, use high-quality goods. Use technology that will make a stunning creation. Use really great lighting. You also should master a skilled technique. You want those who watch to truly be able to SEE what you’re sharing.

    If you’re showing different styles or fashion wear, make sure it’s visible. This comes from learning how to use the camera angles as well as phenomenal lighting choices.

    If you don’t have a ton of money to spend on nice equipment, just buy things here and there. Maybe one month, you purchase studio lighting. The next month, a great camera. The cycle can continue like this until you have great equipment to make stunning content.


    One great way to connect with people is to interact. This will be an important concept when you get started. It’s also important as you become successful.

    The people who choose to watch your stuff are taking valuable time to do so. Let them know they are valued. When they comment or interact with you, return the favor. More interaction will usually give you more visibility.

    Commenting and responding is great. Asking questions in your video and telling people to post the answers is great. You can even host giveaways for comments, likes, or subscribers if you want to.

    It’s all about engaging. You make those people feel seen, even if it is through a computer screen.

    Use Analysis to Improve

    Finally, take the time to analyze. YouTube provides several different reports and tools that you can use. Study them and see what is working. You can also see maybe what isn’t working for you.

    These tools let you know who is watching and when they are watching. What kind of demographic are you appealing to? What video went over amazingly while another one totally bombed?

    You can then use this data to help you improve going forward. Your improvements might be changing up your style or sticking to a different approach. You might even decide to post only on certain days based on your audience.


    How to start your own channel is simple. You need to create it. But then you need to work on it and build it. There are a myriad of valuable tools and solutions. You need to take the time to get to know what’s there. Also, take the time to get to know yourself and how you can be unique and different from every other fashion vlogger out there.

    There are plenty of ideas. You simply need to learn what works for you. Don’t forget to take advantage of the tools and learn to invest in yourself.

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