10 New Summer Books to Add to Your 2022 Reading List

    If you are a reading enjoyer and have enough free time to dedicate to a summer reading book, but can’t decide what genre or author to pick, we will help you out. No matter whether you’ve already packed your laundry bag or are simply counting down the days until you can finally lay out that blanket and unwind, the greatest summer novels will give you an experience like you’re soaking up the rays regardless of what the environment is like. A great book can transform even the little pauses in between duties into a peaceful getaway, whether you’re sitting on a beach in your own garden or on the couch in the living room with the doors open and the fan running. Whether you’re looking for sizzling adventure, spine-tingling suspense, historically accurate fiction, or true-to-life autobiographies that offer you a glimpse into another person’s life, there are a plethora of options to choose from our list below.

    1. All The Lovers in The Night

    Our first choice for your summer book will be “All the Lovers in the Night”, written by Mieko Kawakami. Fuyuko is a shy, solitary, and introverted woman who works as an independent editor. She’ll be thirty-five in a few months, and she has no idea how she’ll ever be in an emotionally or romantically fulfilling relationship with the way things are right now. She is tormented by memories of the past days. Fuyuko Irie despises her mirror because she sees a gloomy lady who can’t bring herself to smile. Fuyuko chooses to change, but there is always a price to pay. It’s an eloquent depiction of a life lived on the edges.

    2. On Gin Lane

    On Gin Lane by Brooke Lea Foster is a must-read this summer if you’re a fan of historical novels. In the summer of 1957, New York heiress Lee Farrows appears to have it all: a gorgeous fiancé, a swaggering fortune, and a beachfront hotel on Southampton’s Gin Lane. Lee’s portrait existence is unexpectedly disrupted when a horrific occurrence happens during the hotel’s opening weekend and she is expected to address her own mortality.

    3. Woman Of Light

    Stop looking for cheap essays that will not even tickle your imagination and instead, take this book to your hands. Sabrina & Corina, a nominee for the National Book Award, was Fajardo-first Anstine’s novel. Once again, she has returned with an intergenerational story about the Lopez clan, an Indigenous Chicano American family in the West. A heartfelt and personal tale. Using lyrical, unpretentious writing, Fajardo-Anstine beautifully captures the complexities of the several female characters in this novel, giving the reader a fresh outlook on how the previous time may help shape the present.

    4. Bridgerton

    If you are in search of books to read this summer, perhaps an excellent romance like “Bridgerton” would suit you. Romance novels set in the summer heat are the epitome of perfect summer reading. Author Julia Quinn’s very successful ‘Bridgerton’ series is the subject of this proposal. When Quinn was in Dubai for the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in February, she revealed to us how Shonda Rhimes became a fan of her series. Producing executive Shonda Rhimes took books with her on vacation, because she is an avid reader. That’s what occurred to me. She also ran out of textbooks this time.

    5. Anna: The Biography by Amy Odell

    Anna, which is widely regarded as the “conclusive” memoir of Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, is a biography that tells the riveting tale of her life via conversations with the design powerhouse’s intimate coworkers. The book, which was authored by fashion writer Amy Odell, is now the number one bestselling on Amazon.

    6. Chronicles From the Land of The Happiest People on Earth

    If you seek the best books to read this summer, you shouldn’t miss this masterpiece by Wole Soyinka. In the most recent book written by Wole Soyinka, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, four friends, each of whom is brilliant in their manner, make a pact to make Nigeria a better place. In this intricate critique of abuses of power and unethical practices, the writing is electrifying, and the conspiracies go deep.

    7. Deacon King Kong

    This book hides a story that will make it one of your best summer reads for sure. Let’s find out why. By focusing on the people who were directly impacted by the spraying bullets, McBride creates an evocative portrait of everyone involved: the victim, the African-Americans and Latinx inhabitants who observed it, the white residents who lived nearby, the local police officers assigned to the case, and the representatives of the Five Ends Baptist Church, where Sportcoat served as deacon during the time of the incident.

    8. Harlem Shuffle

    With this book on your side, you can forget about having an essay shortener alongside – it won’t be needed anymore. It’s understandably written by Colson Whitehead, even for novices in the English language. “The Nickel Boys,” Whitehead’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel from 2019, serves as a prequel to this new book. Between 1959 and 1964, Harlem is the setting for this criminal novel and family tale.

    9. The Hotel Nantucket

    For the ones that want to have a little fun while reading, the plot of this phenomenal book will be ideal. Grace Hadley, a 19-year-old housemaid, tragically died in a fire at the Hotel Nantucket in 1922, and the resort went from a golden era jewel to a substandard budget-friendly lodging to an uninhabited eyesore, until London millionaire, Xavier Darling, acquired it and completely refurbished it.

    10. Lapvona

    An orphaned shepherd kid becomes the unusual center of a power battle that tests all faith in a medieval dominion buffeted by natural calamity. He was raised by his father, a rural shepherd, who informed him that his mother had died in childbirth. Marek’s relationship with the blind rural nurse, Ina, who breastfed him as a baby, is among the few lonely individuals in his life.


    A lot of people don’t want to bring The Brothers Karamazov with them to the beach because they think it’s too heavy for summer reading. A good beach book may be intelligent, literary, and interesting all at the same time. It’s also just a plain pleasure to read, and in these trying times, what’s wrong with that? To enter into the story, all you have to do is pick a time and place that works for you.

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