3 Great Post-University Options For Literature Lovers

    If you are a literature lover and considering your future after university, you’re in the right place. This guide will show you what jobs you can consider. Some of them will require higher education while others won’t.

    It’s always important to determine the best options for you. You might get tired of the whole academic thing and find a job for the real world. Whatever you are drawn towards, it might be your calling.

    Literature lovers would want nothing more than to be surrounded by books. Some of them want to write books for the purpose of becoming a famous author. Regardless, books are your life and you can be sure that it stays that way.

    Let’s take a look now at your options for post university life. But first, a reminder before we move one.

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    One of the things you need to focus on is refinancing your student loan. This can be while you’re working your new job or writing a book that might be a bestseller. To help you figure out how much you need to refinance, check out this refinancing student loan calculator


    Ah yes. A literature lover’s dream job. You’ll be surrounded by books all day long.

    How can you say no to that? You are the keeper of these books, sort of. You want to make sure people read them and return them when they are finished.

    Of course, your other duty would be to tell people to be quiet and not make so much noise. Librarians on average make anywhere from $55000 to $60000.


    Aside from being creative in words, you might be creative in terms of art. You can draw illustrations for books. 

    This can be done on a freelance basis or with a publisher. Some niches are more competitive than others. Nothing is more competitive than the children’s literature niche.

    Other illustrations for books can include cookbooks, photography books, and even magazines. Find one that will be more of your speed. Put your creativity to the test and your works will be found in all kinds of books published and available for reading all over the world.

    Audiobook narrator

    You have read books in your mind. But have you ever read them aloud? That’s what a narrator for audiobooks does.

    This can be done on a freelance basis or through a publishing service (like the illustration job). If your voice is made for narrating, why not put it to the test. You may have a voice that is soothing and tells a relaxing story.

    You could also have a talent for making mock voices of characters, stoking a person’s imagination when listening to a fictional story. Or you can also be educational when narrating a non-fiction book that may change someone’s life.

    Either way, if you have a talent for speaking, you can try out narrating for yourself.

    Final Thoughts

    If you are considering a job or career after college and love books, these three listed above are the most popular. You could go for being an English teacher or professor. But the latter option requires more higher education.

    Otherwise, you can be able to lend your talents as a writer, illustrator, or narrator. If you want, you can also be the keeper of the books while working on your upcoming novel. Either way, you want literature to be part of your life.

    Think about what you want to do after your studies. It might just end up being the one thing you’ll love doing. 

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