How Do I Get the Perfect Crosshair in Valorant?

    If you have played Valorant for any amount of time, you will have already come to the conclusion that you need to move on from the default crosshair and to find one which works for you. Personalising the crosshairs you use in your gameplay is vital to making the most of the screen and upping your game. Here are four areas you should concentrate on and how to make your crosshairs work for you.

    A Central Target

    Add the centre dot to your cross hairs and it will allow you to play around with your crosshairs whilst still giving the greater accuracy you are after. The centre dot will allow you to make the crosshairs wider and maybe even remove them entirely.

    Crosshair Outlines

    By default, the crosshair outlines on Valorant are quite thick solid black lines. If you do want to keep the outline on, then at least the black outline will stand out from the colourful targets you’re aiming at, but they will also block out some of your view. Setting the crosshairs to have a higher opacity or even just thinner lines, is going to help you see more of the targets.

    Crosshair Colour

    With a black outline helping to differentiate the crosshairs from the rest of the play, you have a lot of options with the colour of the actual crosshairs themselves. From the eight options, the choices should allow you to choose a colour which will really stand out from the normal game play. Go bright, go colourful and it’ll make aiming easier.

    Find Good Examples

    Sometimes the old adage of ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ is annoyingly right. If you are struggling to find a good setup for your crosshair, then go and have a look around. When you are in the game, change your settings to Show Spectated Player’s Crosshair. This will turn on the view of your opposition’s crosshairs and show you a few more options out there. If you still don’t find any you like, then check out the Tenz crosshair guide and copy one of these useful ones.

    Try an Import Code

    If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous with your crosshair, or even if you just have no idea how to adjust it and you’re worried about getting it wrong, then the import code is made for you. Players who have created a good looking and usable crosshair will often share their import codes.

    As soon as you load into Valorant, head to the Settings section, click into Crosshairs and then click on the Import button, which looks like a download arrow. In this window paste in the code and load it.

    Import codes take away all of the hassle of having to figure out what your perfect crosshair will be like and they allow you to quickly copy a great one you have seen.

    There is no such thing as the perfect crosshair, it’s all about personal preference, so copy other, change everything about them, but never forget to design it just for you. Make your own version of the perfect crosshair.

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