Traveling in Style According to Fashion Insiders

    Being stylish when going out with your friends is one thing; being stylish when traveling, however, is an entirely different beast. We all know what most fashion-savvy people have on their minds when planning a trip: the pictures they’ll take at the most famous locations they visit.

    For these pictures, many stylish tourists are willing to cram their suitcases with the most expensive, tailor-made pieces of clothing they own. But such an approach isn’t always the answer.

    Fashion insiders have quite a few tips for traveling in style. Keep reading to find out how to look and feel your best when hopping on the plane from one location to another.

    Have Your Documents in Check

    First thing first: Regardless of how well-dressed you are, if you don’t have the necessary documents, you won’t be able to travel, which is not the most stylish thing to experience.

    For that reason, the first prerequisite is to carefully go through all the documents you need to take for your trip, pay all the necessary fees and, if some things don’t align, take the steps required to fix that. For instance, if passport pictures have a different format at the place you’re visiting, use a program to take visa photos online, and you’ll have your image ready in a jiffy!

    Know How Long You’re Staying

    Once you’ve settled these issues, feel free to focus on your wardrobe. There are several key factors to consider. The first one is the length of your stay. It’s straightforward: the longer you stay wherever you’re going, the more clothes you should take. Short trips translate to only a few pieces of clothing.

    Yes, this may be devastating to some of us, but trust the fashion moguls. Adapt the size of your luggage to the length of your stay. You don’t need 20 pairs of shores and ten coats for a 2-day trip. Not only will you not get an opportunity to wear everything, but it’ll be more challenging to drag huge suitcases around when you can easily pass the entire trip with a single small bag.

    Weather Apps Will Save Your Style

    In this vein, always know when and where you’re going, especially regarding the weather. The worst style mistake you could make is not dressing for the weather and temperature. You’ll be the talk of the town, regardless of how good you look, if you wear a winter jacket on a summer vacation or an embezzled crop top during a Christmas Trip to the mountains.

    Weather apps should be your best friend. Before you even start packing, check what the weather will be like at the place you will be visiting during the days you’ll be staying there, and don’t forget to consider unforeseen circumstances. Rain can suddenly start falling even in the middle of the hottest of summers. By being dressed right for the weather, you’ll ensure your comfort for the duration of your trip.

    When Traveling, Less is More

    This statement can be taken in various ways, which would be correct. Firstly, don’t pack too many pieces of clothing. It’s not practical, as you’re not at home and you can’t carry your entire wardrobe with you. Be realistic and smart with your planning.

    Secondly, don’t pack crazy statement pieces that can only be pulled off in a single combination. Opt for flawless co ord or mix & match sets for ease. Rebellious Fashion have a wide collection of co ord sets for women online.

    Mainly wearing neutral pieces that go well with everything will ensure that whatever situation you find yourself in, you’ll always look chic. A drop of ice cream on your favorite navy shirt? No problem – change into a navy blouse and act as if nothing happened.

    Consider Your Activities When Choosing Your Clothes

    Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, depending on your trip’s purpose. If you’re going to a Paris or Milan fashion week event, you’re expected to carry many crazy designer pieces.

    However, having a business meeting will mandate that you primarily carry formal clothes. In contrast, sightseeing or romantic trips will allow you to significantly take casual clothes, with one or two more excellent pieces mixed in between, for a stylish night out.

    For this reason, make sure you plan your trip in detail and know what clothes you’ll wear on what day. By having complete outfits in mind, you’ll avoid stressing over unimportant matters when time is pressing. Remember, even the best clothes will look bad if they don’t fit the occasion. Know your occasion, and you’ll know how to dress too.

    Don’t Overdress

    Finally, don’t overdress. Don’t unnecessarily think of carrying some large, eye-catching statement piece that is clumsy to transport well, uncomfortable to wear, and awkward to pull off in pictures. Chances are that you won’t be visiting fashion events during your trip, and even if you do, dragging an elaborate costume on the plane is not the wisest decision for anyone.

    Think smart and impress the people around you with a sleek, minimalist wardrobe that will show them how much you know what suits you well and you like dressing the part. Knowing your limits is the sexiest and most stylish thing you can master.

    Final Words

    That being said, you can go and throw all of our advice in the bin! For all means and purposes, fashion is about experimenting and having fun, so at the end of the day, you should dress the way that makes you feel most comfortable.

    Of course, you should think practically to make your life easier. But don’t stress – even if you do wear a ridiculous outfit while posing with the Eiffel Tower, for example, all you’ll do is create a picture that your children and grandchildren will laugh at for years to come!

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