Ways You Can Locate Independent Casinos That Will Accept Your Registration

    If you recently registered with the UK Gambling Commission’s GamStop Self-exclusion program, you are to be commended. It takes a responsible gambler to recognize they could be headed for trouble and then takes steps to stop heading for trouble.

    As a GamStop blocked gambler, you should be aware that you are officially blocked from using UK-licensed online casinos for the duration of your self-prescribed self-exclusion period.

    Assuming you are willing to abide by the terms of your self-exclusion, it’s just a matter of time before your self-exclusion expires and you can reassess your current state of mind.

    Ways to Get Around GamStop

    Getting around your GamStop self-exclusion is not particularly difficult if you are willing to assume a little bit of extra risk. The risk comes in the form of losing access to the GamStop program and perhaps losing certain protections you would get from the UKGC when using a licensed UK online casino.

    Briefly, we thought it was prudent to offer you a list of 6 ways to beat GamStop.

    Here is that list:

    • Register and gamble through online casinos that are licensed offshore
    • Use crypto-only casinos that offer a lot of extra anonymity
    • Play casino games for fun on social media: some games offer prizes
    • Use online gambling sites that offer free play
    • Use a partner’s online gambling account with their permission
    • Register with and use independent online casinos operating out of the UK

    What is an Independent Casino?

    In the UK, an independent online casino would be an online casino that operates without a licence from the UK gambling commission. While it might seem risky to use an unlicensed online casino, many of these standalone casinos listed on the Casino Wise website are actually quite reputable, reliable, and safe.

    If you want to go in this direction to avoid GamStop scrutiny, you’ll be happy to learn what most of these sites have to offer. The reality is they offer many of the same things as you might get from a licensed UK casino. That would include:

    • Access to thousands of online casino games
    • Access to video slots from the best online casino software developers in the world
    • Plenty of good and reliable banking options from which to choose
    • Solid bonus offerings, including really aggressive welcome bonuses

    Ways You Can Locate Independent Casinos That Will Accept Your Registration

    To be clear, there are plenty of independent online casino operators offering casino games in the UK to UK online gamblers. While they are on the border of operating illegally in the UK, they are not that difficult to find. Where can you find them?

    First of all, we have already mentioned Casino Wise. Casino Wise is an online gambling review website that reviews non-GamStop or independent operators that are in business in the UK. Sites like this are always a good place to start when looking for a reliable and safe independent casino.

    Here’s a little secret. If you are a GamStop blocked gambler, your business is highly desired by independent casinos. They know you are looking for an online gambling home that doesn’t care or know about your GamStop status. They want GamStop gamblers so much that they actively market to such gamblers like you. If they have access to one of your emails, don’t be surprised if they go looking for you.

    Another option you might consider is word of mouth. If you ask among the UK online casino community, you might get access to shared information regarding independent casinos that are looking for GamStop business. You might find information in the news or from bloggers who cover online gambling in the UK.

    Here’s another thought. The answer to your quandary might still be a UK online casino that is actually UKGC-licensed and a member of GamStop. The reality is some online gambling sites have very weak account verification protocols. If they skip dotting the Is and crossing the Ts on your new account registration, it’s possible your GamStop status might fly under the radar. If not, there is no harm in trying.

    In summary, not gambling if you sense problems are coming is a very good idea. If you signed up for a self-exclusion period of 6 months or 1 year, it will go fast enough.

    If you have changed your mind, that’s okay as well. You are an adult and have every right to make your own decisions. You now know that should you change your mind, using independent or non-GamStop casinos is an option worthy of your consideration. Just do a little research and make sure you stick with sites that have a well-established strong reputation.

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