5 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Your Photos as Gifts

    Years ago before the advancement of technology, people used to get physical copies of their photos after taking a picture. They would keep these copies as part of their memories and show them to people or even make extra copies for family and friends.

    This has been changed by technology. Today, photography has been digitized. People have thousands of digital copies of their photos saved on phones, computers, and other electronic gadgets. They even forget about most of these photos and keep taking new ones.

    This means that it is easy for them to forget about some of their best memories. Fortunately, you can keep all your memories alive by using your photos as gifts in creative and fun ways. Here are a few ways to do that;

    Customize Phone Cases with Photos

    Technology advancement has given birth to smartphones that can take professional-looking photos. 

    Unfortunately, people tend to take these photos using their smartphones and forget about them even though they are stored on their phones. Why not keep these photos on top of your phone instead? 

    Well, since people spend a lot of time holding their phones, you can decide to give someone a phone case designed with some of your best photos to make the device look like a photo book.

    You do not even have to hire someone to do this for you. Again, technology has given birth to apps that you can use to design photo collages using custom templates and then put them on phone cases. This is one of the best custom anniversary gift ideas.

    Choose Seasonal and Holiday Photos to Create a Calendar

    Even though modern technology has pushed aside physical calendars, some people still put great value in these calendars and cannot live in a home without one or even more than one. This is especially true for the older generation.

    You can use your photos on these calendars and then gift them to such people. When creating a calendar with pictures, you can choose different pictures for every month or even week depending on the design of your calendar.

    To make the calendar more special, consider marking all the important days such as birthdays and anniversaries to ensure that they are not forgotten. Such a gift can go a long way in decorating a home and making someone feel special.

    Add Pictures on Cakes

    You will always find a cake when someone is celebrating something. It might be a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or even a promotion at the workplace. If you decide to gift them with a cake, you can creatively put your picture with theirs on the cake.

    Even though this might not be a long-lasting gift, it will create some good memories and will give them a chance to enjoy themselves and the gift you are presenting them. But how do you go about getting an edible photo on a cake?

    Well, if you can bake, go ahead and bake the cake at home. After that, look for cake shops that can print edible photos for you. If you cannot bake, then there are plenty of cake shops that can get the job done for you at some fee.

    Turn Photos into Art

    One of the most commonly used ways of using your photos as a gift is by ordering a bigger print of the photos and then framing it. There are many websites and applications online that allow you to do that. However, you might want to gift a person who would have some reservations about having their photos hanging on walls even though it is inside their house. 

    Well, all is not lost for such people. All you need to do is simply turn these photos into paintings and art. Again, you can find applications online that allow you to do that without any problems. The picture comes out with a sophisticated and artistic look even though it resembles the original photo.

    Design Professional Photo Books

    A few decades ago, people used photo books with a sticky substance that was used to hold photos. All you needed to do was to peel the plastic cover on each of the pages and then stick your photos creatively.

    If you do not feel like this is too old-fashioned, you can get a similar photo book and then creatively stick your photos with your loved ones. This could be too old-fashioned for some people. 

    Fortunately, such people can use different applications that allow them to upload all the photos they would like to add to a photo book. They can then organize these photos to match their requirements. The photo book can be printed or used digitally.

    You do not have to forget about the important memories you have captured in photos. Using the creative and fun ways discussed above, you can create gifts from your photos.

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