Worst Rated Players on FIFA 23

    The discussion for the best player in the world is always on going. From Ronaldo to Messi — no one really knows. But who is the worst? Surely that’s impossible to say. It’s so subjective. Well, we have FIFA 23 for that. We’ve looked at all the main positions and conducted the worst players in them on FIFA 23 and crowned an overall worst starting XI on FIFA 23.

    Devansh Dabas (Position GK – Overall 46)

    Devansh Dabas is a goalkeeper for India’s Chennaiyin FC in the Indian Super League. He is relatively young at 20, so the rating definitely isn’t personal, especially looking at this potential which is currently 55. That would easily take him out of the running for the worst goalie in the game. Dabas’ highest stat in the game is jumping at 62, which does feel quite harsh. His market value currently stands at €90 thousand.

    Gao Xiang (Position GK – Overall 48)

    Gao Xiang isn’t exactly the second-lowest goalie within FIFA 23 but has only 54 potential — 1 less than Dabas. He plays for Wuhan FC in China, and his market value is even less, with €60 thousand. Unlike Dabas, he has no stats over 60. His highest attribute is strength at 56.

    Aqeel Al Dhafeeri (Position CB – Overall 46)

    Another painful rating is acquired by a young centre-back Aqeel Al Dhafeeri. Now, the initial rating is rather low, but he does have a potential of 63 which considering that he is 17 years old, certainly doesn’t make him that bad. He does a few stats within the 60s, including his highest stat, which is acceleration at 64. His market value is currently at valued at €110 thousand.

    Zhao Wenzhe (Position CB – Overall 48)

    Slightly better rated Wenzhe is another harshly rated player on FIFA with a rating of 48 and a meagre potential of only 54. His market value is at €70 thousand, but he can also be bought at €123 thousand under the release clause from Guangzhou FC. His highest attribute is jumping, which comes at 66.

    Namgyal Bhutia (Position RB – Overall 48)

    Another addition from India is Bhutia, the right-back who currently plays for Bengaluru FC. His statline is actually not as bad as his rating of 48. For example, Bhutia has more than a few 70-plus attributes and even one 80 attribute in balance. His movement is decent, but he does lack everywhere else; hence, he collects only a rating of 48. Bhutia can grow into a slightly better player with a potential of 55. He has a market value of €90 thousand.

    Huo Liang (Position RB – Overall 49)

    Huo Liang of Meizhou Hakka in China is certainly at this peak, according to FIFA 23. However, with a rating of 49, he also only holds a potential of 49. Though he has several attributes in the 60s, including jumping at 62 and sprint speed with stamina at 61. Liang’s market value is tiny at €30 thousand but does also have a release clause at €47 thousand.

    Wu Junjie (Position LB – Overall 46)

    Again from China we have Wu Junjie at a rating of 46 and a potential of 58 (not too shabby). The Guangzhou City player is 19 and holds his best attribute in strength which comes in at 64. We’d love to know what he thinks of his statline. Junjie is valued at a solid €110 thousand.

    Sandip Mandi (Position LB – Overall 47)

    Another low-rated player from India is Sandip Mandi who plays for Jamshedpur FC. He has an overall rating of 47 but a solid potential of 58. His strongest attributes are in power and movement columns. Specifically speaking, his strongest solo attribute is jumping at 70, with strength coming at 67 in second place.

    Nathan-Dylan Saliba (Position CM – Overall 46)

    Saliba is rated harshly low on the game and a little odd, considering they put his potential to 63, which is not bad at all considering he’d fit in League 2 football in England. The Canadian, though, is only 18 and currently valued on FIFA 23 at €120 thousand. His most vital attributes are in movement, in which he reaches 68 in balance, 65 in agility, and 62 in acceleration. However, his most critical attribute is jumping, which comes at 70.

    Zhou Zheng (Position CM – Overall 46)

    Another 46-rated player is Zhou Zheng of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger FC in China. Unlike Saliba or others, though, Zheng only has a potential of 51, which is pretty low. Luckily for Zheng, he has some playable pace with an acceleration attribute at 70 and sprint speed at 65. Zheng’s market value is at €70 thousand.

    Zhao Ziye (Position RW – Overall 46)

    Zhao Ziye of Hebei FC is rated at 45 with a promising potential of 61. Ziye’s most assertive attributes are acceleration at 67 and balance at 66. His market value is €110 thousand, but he can be bought for €239 thousand if you’re looking to break his release clause.

    Darren Collins (Position RM / ST – Overall 47)

    Our first Irish addition to the list is Darren Collins, who plays on the wing and on the striker position for Sligo Rovers. With a potential of 56, he isn’t rated too nicely but has some solid attributes within the movement. His most potent attribute is acceleration at 69, followed by sprint speed at 68. His market value is €110 thousand.

    Zhang Junye (Position LM – Overall 47)

    Zhang Junye is our first LM player on the list. He is rated 47 with a potential of 53. Junye currently plays for the Chinese club Shenzhen FC. His highest attribute is in balance at 63. His market value, like others, is at €70 thousand.

    Sweden Fernandes (Position LW / RW – Overall 48)

    Another sub-50-rated player is Sweden Fernandes of Hyderabad FC in India. The player possesses several attributes in the 60s, all in the movement column. Fernande’s current market value is at €110 thousand and he has the potential to reach 57 overall.

    Abdulrahman Anwar (Position ST – Overall 46)

    With only a 46 rating, the 16-year-old out of Al Batin is a little harshly rated, considering he does have a 62 potential within the game. Anwar’s market value is set at €110 thousand though he can also be acquired through a release clause of €273 thousand. Anwar is 18, so age is on his side regarding his growth on future FIFA editions.

    The Worst Starting XI on FIFA 23

    • GK – Devansh Dabas (Overall 46)
    • RB – Namgyal Bhutia (Overall 48)
    • CB – Aqeel Al Dhafeeri (Overall 46)
    • CB – Daithí McCallion (Overall 47)
    • LB – Wu Junjue (Overall 46)
    • RM – Zhao Ziye (Overall 46)
    • CM – Zhou Zheng (Overall 46)
    • CM – Nathan-Dylan Saliba (Overall 46)
    • LM – Zhang Junye (Overall 47)
    • ST – Abdulrahman Anwar (Overall 46)
    • ST – Darren Collins (Overall 47)
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