How to Incorporate a Bodysuit into Your Outfit

    Bodysuits have been around for decades. They are timeless fashion pieces that can make your figure look amazing. From the famous Pepsi advert starring Cindy Laupher in a white bodysuit and jean shorts, to Beyonce’s iconic stage outfits, bodysuits can be super flattering. So if you’re wanting to turn heads as you enter a room, maybe it’s time for you to start wearing them! Here we are going to look at how to successfully incorporate a bodysuit into any outfit.  

    Decide on the Type of Bodysuit You’re Going to Wear

    If you have a few bodysuits in your closet, or you are planning on buying more than one, then before you incorporate it into your outfit you need to choose which one you want to wear. From there, you can dress it up. There are plenty of fashionable bodysuits available, from high neck to backless. Bodysuits are usually relatively simplistic pieces so they go with most other clothing items, making them super easy to incorporate into an outfit. It can be better to go for neutral colors with your bodysuit, as that way it’ll look classy and easily go with any outfit.

    Work Your Outfit Around the Bodysuit

    As mentioned, bodysuits go with pretty much anything, so you can let the rest of your outfit do the talking, or alternatively, you can go for a clean, simple whole look. The fact that bodysuits offer you so much versatility with your outfit means that they’re great for layering and accessorizing. Get creative! 

    Keep in Mind The Occasion

    Bodysuits can be worn for many different occasions if you put your outfit together accordingly. If you’re dressing up you can wear smart trousers and shoes, a chic jacket, and your favorite jewelry – then voila, you’ll look a million dollars! Or, if you’re going casual, simply pair your bodysuit with your most loved pair of jeans and trainers. Easy! You can even take it a step further and wear a bodysuit with sweatpants to add more of a sexy feel to your look, even when you’re just having a chilled day. 

    Prepare for the Weather

    When trying to incorporate a bodysuit into your outfit, it’s important for you to check the weather forecast. If it’s super sunny, strapless or thin straps are the better option. If it’s cold, go for a high neck or long sleeves. Look great and prepare for every eventuality! As it is so easy to layer bodysuits, this is also an option if you’re unsure of the weather, or if it is set to change throughout the day. You can take a nice jacket if need be, and it’ll still go well with your aesthetic. 

    Incorporating a bodysuit into your outfit doesn’t need to be a challenge. With a little bit of care and thought you can quickly and easily throw a lovely outfit together with your bodysuit. Once you’ve worn them a few times, you’ll pick up what it goes best with and how to style it to flatter your figure most.

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