Have Some Heart: 3 Ways to Care For Your Heart

    The heart is arguably one of your most important organs, as it works nonstop to keep blood pumping around the body. Looking after your heart health is essential to feeling energised and living life to the fullest while preventing issues such as unusual blood pressure or blood sugar levels. This article takes you through three ways to care for your heart and prevent serious issues from developing.

    3 Steps to Take Care of Your Heart

    Consider Making Lifestyle Changes

    While genetics can play a role, your lifestyle habits have the most significant impact on your heart. In addition to sleeping, it’s essential to be conscious of the other factors that keep blood pressure and blood sugar at their ideal level. 

    Some lifestyle changes may include:

    • Eating a balanced range of food;
    • Move your body regularly;
    • Quit smoking;
    • Cut down on alcohol.

    Get a Biological Age Test

    Understanding your unique biology is the first step to improving your health. Since wellness is a hugely complex area, it can help to get a clear picture of your overall health and identify which areas need improvement. An inner age test might be one way to better understand how your lifestyle choices impact your wellbeing. 

    A body age test can tell you the age of your immune system according to your lifestyle choices and biological factors. For example, a person aged 30 might have a biological age of 45. Their results will give them a clear plan for lowering their biological age. Rather than making generic changes that might help you care for your heart, you can test biological age and receive a personalised plan to improve your health. 

    Don’t Neglect Sleep

    Sleep is crucial to overall wellness as it plays a role in muscle recovery, immune support, balancing moods, and so much more. Among this list is the support it provides your heart. Studies show that people can prevent cardiovascular disease by sleeping between 7-9 hours per night. Prioritising good sleep habits is one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing.

    There are several things to try and improve sleep quality, including:

    • Ensure you’re getting to bed at the same time every night;
    • Switch off electronic devices approximately one hour before sleeping;
    • Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake;
    • Avoid being productive in your bedroom; instead, keep it for sleep and relaxation.

    Final Thoughts

    The best way to support the functioning of your heart is to understand and identify which areas of your life could use improvement. While sleep, exercise, and diet are common areas to address, a biological age test can give you an accurate picture of your health and determine your unique areas of improvement. 

    Making small, daily changes is the best way to maintain proper wellness and care for your heart. Always ensure you’re consuming various balanced foods, moving your body in a way that feels good for you, and prioritising sleep as a necessary self-care activity.

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