Films to watch if you like Molly’s Game

    With so many exciting films being released every moment, it can be hard to know which is perfect for that Friday night chilling on the sofa. Molly’s Game is an exciting casino-based story filled with thrill, gangsters, Hollywood stars, and crime. All the ingredients for some of the top casino movie moments on the big screen. 

    If Molly’s game is the kind of film you love, we have compiled a list of screenings you NEED to watch. Here are our top ten in no particular order.

    The Commuter

    Michael, an insurance salesman, was on his usual route home, which quickly turned into something less than ordinary. Michael is forced to determine the identity of a hidden passenger after being contacted by a mysterious stranger just before his last stop on the train. As he works tirelessly to figure out this puzzle, Michael begins to realize the deadly plan that’s about to unfold. Michael has got himself unwittingly caught up in a criminal conspiracy that determines the life and death of every passenger on the train.

    Miss Sloane

    Willing to do whatever she can for her clients, Elizabeth Sloane is one of the most desired lobbyists in all of Washington, DC. In a moment of protest, she joins a small boutique firm that represents backers of the law when asked to oppose a bill that directly affects the regulation of firearms. With this new passion and determination to come out on top, Sloane becomes a target to a host of powerful enemies with threats to the people she cares most about and the career she has worked so hard to get.

    Den of Thieves

    Nick O’Brien, a hard-drinking leader of the Regulators, controlled an elite section of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Recently coming off parole, as leader of a gang of outlaws consisting of ex-military men using all of their skills and knowledge to evade the law, is Ray Merrimen. The two groups soon find themselves on a collision course as the criminals hatch a plan that seemingly feels a little out of reach. The heist of the Federal Reserve Bank is the biggest job yet.

    Battle of the Sexes 

    The most watched televised sporting event of all time was the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Trapped under the glare of the media, King and Riggs were on either side of the ring to a binary argument, but away from the court, each player was fighting a battle of their own with much more complexity. King was a very private person but was feeling pressure from her husband urging her to join the fight for equal pay between genders, but she had her own battles in a struggle with her sexuality. On the other hand, Riggs was taking major risks jeopardizing his reputation to bring his glory years back to life.

    The Post

    The first female publisher of the Washington Post (a major American newspaper), Katharine Graham, gets a little help from editor friend Ben Bradlee in a race of grand exposure. One of the biggest cover-ups of all time by the US government surrounding four US presidents holding secrets that have spanned for over three decades. Together this team of journalists needs to forget their differences and risk their professional careers to help bring the truth to light.

    Game Night

    A weekly game night hosted by Max and Annie gets taken to the extreme when Max’s brother decides to arrange a murder mystery party to the full, with fake thugs and convincing federal agents. When Brooks (Max’s brother) gets kidnapped, it all seems to be in keeping with the spirit of the game, but they later find out that Brooks and the game are not what they seem to be. The friends playing the game soon find that they are in a situation much bigger than they bargained for, with twists and turns yet to happen through the night.


    After years of growing apart, childhood friends Amanda and Lily reconcile in a suburban area of Connecticut. The two characters have diversified into alternate personalities, with Amanda developing a more than witty mind and a particularly special attitude, resulting in her becoming a social outcast. Lily is a polished, upper-class teenager with a fancy boarding school education and a coveted internship on her resume. Although they begin to seem like an opposing pair, they find a way to bond and become closer, helping to solve both of their problems.

    Victoria and Abdul

    The story of Abdul Karim’s venture from India to the UK to participate in Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. The young clerk is surprised to find that he becomes favored by the queen herself. The two create a surprisingly devoted alliance as the queen begins to question the constraints due to her long-held position. Victoria’s inner circle and household enter a bid to destroy this bond. Still, as their friendship deepens, the queen begins to change her perspective of the world through the emotion of new eyes, helping to joyfully reclaim her humanity.


    In the uncharted jungle of Indonesia, Kenny Wells teams up with a similarly eager geologist in search of gold. It was hard to get the gold, but keeping it was even harder, launching an adventure through Wall Street’s most powerful boardrooms.

    Red Sparrow

    The injury that ended the career of ballerina Dominika Egorova leaves her with an uncertain future. Eventually, she attends Sparrow School, where exceptional young people are trained to use their minds and bodies as weapons. When Egorova completes the sadistic training process, she becomes the most dangerous Sparrow. Trying to cope with her new abilities, Dominika meets a CIA agent who provides her with convincing evidence that he can be trusted.

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