Peter Gabriel Releases New Single ‘i/o’

    Peter Gabriel has unveiled ‘i/o’, the title track from his forthcoming album. The single features the Soweto Gospel Choir and follows previous cuts ‘Panopticom’, ‘The Court’, and ‘Playing for Time’. Listen to the Bright-Side Mix of the song below.

    “This month the song is ‘i/o’ and ‘i/o’ means input / output,” Gabriel explained in a press release. “You see it on the back of a lot of electrical equipment and it just triggered some ideas about the stuff we put in and pull out of ourselves, in physical and non-physical ways. That was the starting point of this idea and then trying to talk about the interconnectedness of everything. The older I get, I probably don’t get any smarter, but I have learned a few things and it makes a lot of sense to me that we are not these independent islands that we like to think we are, that we are part of a whole. If we can see ourselves as better connected, still messed up individuals, but as part of a whole, then maybe there’s something to learn?”

    A release date for i/o has not yet been announced.

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