5 Reasons to Buy a Swatch for Your Watch Collection

    Swatch watches are associated with fun, affordability, and quirkiness. With widely available low-budget options, Swatches are certainly favoured by those looking for something more unique to a traditional watch.

    In this article, I’ll make my case for why I think a Swatch watch is an excellent addition to your watch collection.


    Suppose you’re an avid watch collector dapping into premium brands such as AP, Rolex, or even Patek Philippe. In that case, you’ll know that buying a few pieces from any of the three brands can be costly, especially if you are looking for something one-off style-wise.

    Alternatively, choosing Swatch, Casio, or even Seiko can be a great alternative to build up your collection, especially if you are looking for a few additional choices that expand your colour and style range.

    Style & Design

    While being affordable, a typical Swatch doesn’t lack style. With unique dials and often collaborations, the brand pushes a distinctive and cheerful feel to its brand. In addition, the Swatch brand is playful, making their watches great accessories for more spirited outfits.

    Easy to Mantain

    The quartz movement watches by Swatch are relatively easy to maintain and fix. Thus you won’t require a service like you would with a high-end watch brand that may cost you a visit to a dealer or an unforeseen visit to a reputable grey market watch shop.


    Most avid watch collectors know that Swatch are known for their BIOCERAMIC range which uses ceramic and biosourced material. This game-changing selection of watches come in various styles, such as the C-Black, a skeleton-like dial with a black and grey appearance. While they also have lovely minimal pieces such as the Caricia Rosa, which transcends calmness through its pastel pink appearance.

    Limited Editions

    Owning a unique watch is one of the most rewarding experiences when collecting watches. Limited edition watches are always more desirable and, if bought correctly, can have excellent investment value. This also includes Swatch watches.

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