Watch Spotlight: Grand Seiko Mechanical SBGR261

    Grand Seiko’s relentless pursuit of precise timekeeping and superior craftsmanship is embodied in our latest addition to the Watch Spotlight, the Grand Seiko Mechanical (SBGR261). This timepiece, part of the Elegance Collection, offers a spotless, classic aesthetic that whispers elegance. In this article, we’ll uncover why we adore this piece and why it deserves a spot on Watch Spotlight.


    The design of the Grand Seiko SBGR261 is a watch that exemplifies the profile of traditional dress watches. The watch features a box-shaped sapphire crystal glass, ensuring outstanding durability and is coated with an anti-reflective coating on the inner surface for ease of use.

    When it comes to the dial, we are treated with a warm cream dial, typically associated with more vintage timepieces, though still commonly used by brands like Seiko, Patek Philippe, Orient, and Longines. It’s the type of dial that brings character to the piece without overshadowing its elegance with elaborateness and glitz. As an element of contrast, the watch comes with a blue steel second hand, making the piece enliven nicely.

    The case is made from stainless steel, a common but trusted material in the watch world, especially in dress watches. In addition, the Grand Seiko watch comes with a beautiful premium Crocodile leather strap that adds depth to the spotless look of the case. At 39.5mm, the watch is well-balanced for wearers of bigger and smaller timepieces.


    At the heart of the Grand Seiko SBGR261 is an automatic movement Caliber 9S65 that is a testament to Grand Seiko’s commitment to precision and reliability. It offers a nice upgrade on its predecessor 9S55, which, unlike the 9S65, offers Grand Seiko’s Magic Lever mechanism.

    The movement has 35 jewels for a smooth operation with a power reserve of 72 hours, which is in the ideal range for automatic watches. According to Grand Seiko, the mean daily rate of the movement is around +5 to -3 seconds per day.


    Classic dress watches live on with brands like Grand Seiko, and the SBGR261 certainly contributes to that. With a price tag of £4,350, the SBGR261 is unquestionably a satisfying timepiece that can last long if serviced and treated with respect. While investment-wise, I wouldn’t recommend this watch as Grand Seiko’s typically don’t hold great value after they leave a watch boutique. Based on its aesthetics and movement, I would certainly keep this piece on a list of classic-looking dress watches to own.

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