A Night Out in Pigeon Forge

    Pigeon Forge is a beautiful mountain resort city located right at the gateway of the Great Smoky Mountains. 

    Alongside the wealth of things you can do and enjoy during the day, this bustling gem also boasts plenty of things for you to do at night, allowing you to further explore and embrace the area, no matter what time of day it is. 

    While other tourist towns may quiet down at night, things are different up in the Smokies. Keep reading on to learn all about the array of great things you can do when the sun sets on Pigeon Forge, whether it’s enjoying unforgettable dinner shows in Hatfield and McCoy or just enjoying the evening out at Smoky Mountain Brewery. 

    Smoky Mountain Brewery

    Sometimes going out doesn’t necessarily need to be anything more than a classic night out at the local social house to enjoy good food and drinks with good people. 

    In Pigeon Forge, Smoky Mountain Brewery is one of the finest destinations for microbrews and late-night eats in the area. Located right in the heart of Lumberjack Square, this brewery is very centrally located, so it’s easy to check out no matter where you’re coming from or staying.

    This brewery offers a flagship line of beers that are always available, alongside seasonal specials and a rotating Brewmaster’s special. The bar and dining area are loaded with flat-screen TVs, so you can always catch your favorite game no matter where you’re sitting. 

    Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

    Looking to enjoy some themed mini golf late at night in the Smoky Mountains? Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf is the perfect place for a night out, whether you’re looking to set up a date night or just want something fun to do with the family once the sun goes down.

    This mini-golf course is actually pretty massive, boasting two 18-hole courses, Gold and Diamond, each with its a unique theme. The theme tells a story of Professor Hacker’s lost treasure, with signs revealing the lore to you as you play. You can pay to play one course, or you can play both for half off the second one. 

    Like Smoky Mountain Brewery, it’s also very centrally located in Pigeon Forge, making it easy to get to no matter where you’re staying or coming from.

    Ole Smoky Moonshine’s “The Barn

    Another treat for those looking for a fun night out, The Barn from Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery is one of the most popular destinations on The Island, located in Pigeon Forge. 

    Boasting a massive 6,000 square feet of space to socialize in, this sprawling barn is the perfect space to unwind with some good eats and delicious moonshine and whiskies. From classics like peach moonshine to novelties like Hunch Punch Lightnin’, there’s a moonshine out there for everyone to enjoy.

    They offer routine bluegrass shows, so you can enjoy excellent music as you sip away. On top of this, the location is family and dog friendly, so you can easily have the whole family along with you.

    Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud Show

    At the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud Show, take part in the longest-running feud in American history. 

    Choose your side and help the Hatfields and McCoys try to settle their differences the only way they know how—mountain-style. Whether you’re a city-slicker from Nashville or a native of one of the many mountain communities dotted across the Smokies, there’s something for everyone to love in this thrilling and exciting show. 

    In addition to the singing, stunts, and dancing, the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud Show boasts a loaded all-you-can-eat feast featuring fried chicken, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, and so much more!

    The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

    For something fun to do during a night out in Pigeon Forge, you need to look no further than the iconic Great Smoky Mountain Wheel. 

    Standing 200 feet tall, this Ferris wheel boasts some of the finest views of the city of Pigeon Forge and the foothills of the Smokies. It’s located on the Island, just like The Barn, providing one of the best ways to catch a unique view of the city below. 

    If you’re heading out at night, the views are even more incredible as the glimmering lights below flicker up at you. The island also features nightly light shows, which can be even more captivating in the view from above.

    Having The Best Night Out in Pigeon Forge

    Enjoying the best night out in Pigeon Forge doesn’t have to require plenty of advance planning or a complicated itinerary. 

    By choosing any of the options outlined on this list, you’re bound to enjoy a memorable evening in this bustling resort town, whether you’re riding solo or out with loved ones.

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