Call Break Online: The Best Platforms and Apps To Play

    Call Break is a card game played between four players. The game is popular in Nepal, India, and other South Asian countries. It is a trick-taking card game that lasts for about five rounds. The dealer shuffles the cards and distributes a total of thirteen cards. A total of thirteen tricks are available to players in each round, and players must play the same suit for each deal. Spades are the trump card for this particular card game. The winner is the player with the most number of deals. Due to this card game’s widespread popularity, Call Break is enjoyed across online platforms and applications. In the online realm, the game’s version includes multiplayer, one-on-one battles, tournaments, etc. You can even win cash rewards by winning matches. So, where do you play Call Break online? Here are some popular options.


    Over 35 lakh people enjoy MPL’s Call Break, with over 3 lakh winners. The platform offers an easy-to-understand Call Break game with exciting gameplay. You can sign up and refer your friends to join to earn a referral bonus. The app works with Android and iOS phones, and the card game can be played for free or cash. You will also find the platform running exciting campaigns and offers occasionally. These allow players bigger winning opportunities. MPL is one of the leading Call Break earning apps where players can compete one-on-one or against multiple players in tournaments to win a jackpot. Players need to be on top of the leaderboard to win a jackpot. Besides Call Break, you can enjoy other card games like Rummy, Poker, etc. If you want to engage in shooting or racing games, the platform doesn’t disappoint with its collection of fun games.


    PlayerzPot is another exciting gaming application with various games, including the famous Call Break card game. 10+ million users are registered, and the number proves the trustworthiness of the platform. It is exciting to play Call Break on this platform because you win the matches and make money while at it. If you are prepared for a challenge with multiple competitors, install this application on your device. Compete against real-life opponents and walk away with cash prizes.


    AIO has a unique and fun version of Call Break, and Indian card game players seem to have grown to like this version a lot. A platform boasts 24/7 customer support, referral bonuses, and instant withdrawal schemes. Hence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t immediately download this application on your smartphone. The Call Break game on this platform suits everyone; all you must do is place intelligent bids. It is a game that offers players an extra source of income if they win the match. Beginners also have an excellent opportunity to win lucrative prizes from day one.

    Call Break Empire

    Call Break Empire application follows a simple rule. You must install the application, register, and deposit money to start playing cash games. The winnings can be quickly withdrawn to your wallet, UPI, or bank account. Furthermore, players are given a ₹10 sign-up bonus.

    Players can compete against thousands of card game players at a private table and keep winning in real-time. You can even participate in tournaments. The platform’s interface is secure, and you can enjoy instant payout.

    Rush by Hike

    Rush by Hike provides you with several games on a single platform. Along with other exciting games, you can engage in challenging Call Break matches with real-life opponents and win real cash. This application allows you to play the game without any financial investment and win real cash if you beat your opponents. The app is downloadable on iOS and Android devices. The winnings can be instantly put into your UPI account.

    Dangal Games

    Dangal Games became famous for their Poker and Rummy games. Within a short time, the app acquired massive popularity, and its user base grew to 10 lakh. They achieved this incredible feat via an easy-to-play ecosystem emphasizing robust AI-based security gateways. People can play Call Break games on this platform and make real money. You can enjoy instant withdrawals and compete against real players.

    Tips and Tricks to Play Call Break Online

    Follow these hacks to improve your chances of winning Call Break online:

    • Get familiar with the rules – You must understand the rules before playing Call Break. Read all the rules relating to game variations, scoring, and cards. Having this knowledge is essential for compelling gameplay.
    • Lead with low cards – Conserve the high-value cards and lead with low-value cards when the match starts. This will prevent your opponents from easily winning valuable tricks.
    • Use the trump cards wisely – Trump cards are powerful and must be used strategically. It is best to save your trump cards when they can secure you valuable tricks or break the winning streak of your opponent.
    • Observe the game – It is essential to closely watch the game and keep track of the cards played. This will give you an idea about the cards that are likely with other players, and you can make informed decisions.
    • Bid strategically – Bidding is the most critical aspect of the Call Break game. You must assess the strength of your hand before making a big. Underbidding or overbidding leads to penalties.
    • Take calculated risks – It is essential to carefully evaluate your hand before placing the bid. Assess how many bids you can potentially make according to your cards. Accurately determine the tricks you will secure.
    • Keep practising – Do not stop even after you have learned the game’s rules and played a few rounds. You will learn something new whenever you play this game because the outcome is always unpredictable. The cards are shuffled and distributed via an algorithm, and nobody knows what combination of hands one will get. Hence, continue playing free practice matches to hone your skills.

    So, what are you still waiting for? You know the top Call Break platforms and apps, along with tips and tricks to enhance your winning chances. Get playing!

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