Viji Unveils New Single ‘Sundress in Pink’

    Viji has previewed her upcoming debut album So Vanilla with a new track, ‘Sundress in Pink’. It follows the previously released singles ‘Sedative’ and ‘Karaoke’. Take a listen below.

    “This song is one of my favourite ones off the record,” Viji said of ‘Sundress in Pink’ in a statement. “I’m not sure why but I think the bed of instruments is really comforting to me. The title essentially creates a world in which summer never ends. As long as I’m in the dress I can stay out as long as I want. It’s about escapism, for me it was in people and mostly I didn’t care who.”

    “The lyric video I shot with my friends in Marseille,” Viji added. “Fading in and out of black and white back to colour and people, I wanted to capture the change from loneliness to togetherness. And as long as the dress is in colour I remain, ‘life’s fantasy’.”

    So Vanilla comes out October 27 via Speedy Wunderground.

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