Hobbies That Are Great For Relaxation

    Hobbies are something that brings us a lot of joy, and if you’re the type of person who wants to do hobbies to relax, here are some of the best to try. Before we get to the list, though, there is a lot of good stuff that comes with having a hobby. Hobbies make us happier – the more we do them, the more those happy hormones we get – and that is a great thing for reducing the amount of stress you have. 

    Often, at certain points in our lives, hobbies tend to take a back seat – which can mean we forget just how much fun they are. So, if you’ve been putting your hobby on the back burner, or you haven’t got a hobby right now, here are some of the best for getting some relaxation in. 


    Many people start with something like painting with the idea that they need to be great at it immediately. But the real thing about painting as a hobby is you should be like Bob Roos and embrace every little mistake as something good—a happy little accident, as he would say. Painting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby either – it is much more about having run, letting your brain destress, and letting your hands do what they like. When you feel like it, you can join local classes and make it more of a social thing, too. 


    Knitting and crochet have both seen a huge revival – although there are people who have been knitting for as long as they can remember, too. Knitting is a highly productive and enjoyable hobby, and you can make a lot of items like scarves, blankets, and clothing. The key thing that makes knitting a relaxing hobby is the repetitive motion. When we engage our hands in a repetitive motion, our brains naturally take a break and relax. 

    Even when you are working on intricate patterns, your brain is getting some much-needed downtime. 


    Puzzles and word games have long been seen as some of the most relaxing hobbies. Millions of people will pick up a newspaper at the weekend and do the crossword or spend their evening on sudoku. Although there is some problem-solving and working out to be done, it allows the rest of your week to be processed in the background and gives your brain something interesting to work on for a few hours. 

    Although some levels of sudoku can look like a challenge, the beginner levels are ideal for people of all ages, and over time, you’ll find yourself working through puzzle after puzzle whiling away the hours. 


    The fine art of paper folding can turn into a hobby that sees you building whole cities from paper. Many people start with boats and swans, but eventually, there are millions of things that you can make. Perhaps the best part about learning origami is that all you need is a few pieces of paper and some time, and you can check out some of the tutorials on YouTube too. 

    When it comes to learning origami, it is better to learn on cheaper paper first before moving on to thicker paper. And make sure that you have a recycling bin for the paper that doesn’t make the cut. 


    Calligraphy used to be much more popular than it is now, although there are several great calligraphists on TikTok now sharing different ink mixes and techniques. Creating gorgeous lettering is something that takes time and effort to complete, and you’re likely to get quite a few wrongs before it goes right. 

    There are whole kits that come with 2-3 starter nibs, ink and a pen so that you can try it out and see if it is something that you enjoy. You can also find a wide range of printables and books that can help you work on creating the right shapes for your letters. Calligraphy also has a range of varying pressures so that you can create darker lines and thicker ones, too. A great hobby, and one that can come in very handy with it, is time to send cards and gifts! 

    Flower arranging 

    What’s not to love about a beautifully arranged flower-filled vase? Flower arranging can become more of an expensive hobby based on the style and type of flowers you are buying. But, it can be a smart and budget-friendly idea to buy a range of dried and fake flowers so you can practice a lot before you spend cash on the real deal. 

    For those who want a hobby that is more online based, here are some brilliant options: These are the best hobbies you can try online.

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