13 Best Quotes from Napoleon (2023)

    Ridley Scott’s latest historical drama Napoleon (2023) follows Napoleon Bonaparte (Joaquin Phoenix) and his crazy journey as he rises through the ranks in the French military to become the Emperor of the French while he manouvres his unsettling relationship with the love of his life Josephine.

    Upon its release, Napoleon received critique on its historical innacuricies, even for a Hollywood film, certain critics deemed it too much. However, it still brought the film four nominations at the BAFTA and Satellite Awards. So, here are some of the best and most memorable quotes from Napoleon.

    1. Napoleon Bonaparte: I am the first to admit when I make a mistake. I simply never do.
    2. Napoleon Bonaparte: I am destined for greatness, but those in power only see me as a sword.
    3. Napoleon Bonaparte: Capture the fort that dominates the harbor, and you have the city.
    4. Napoleon Bonaparte: You think you’re so great because you have boats!
    5. Moulin: I am enjoying a succulent breakfast!
    6. Napoleon Bonaparte: I found the crown of France in the gutter. I picked it up with the tip of my sword and cleaned it, and placed it atop my own head.
    7. Napoleon Bonaparte: [to Josephine] You are a selfish little pig!
    8. Paul Barras: You are not a defender of freedom. You have deemed yourself judge, jury, and executioner. Have you not?
    9. Napoleon Bonaparte: Surprise is my advantage, but I will win by fire.
    10. Duke of Wellington: It is not the business of commanders to be firing upon one another.
    11. Josephine Bonaparte: What is this costume you have on? Napoleon Bonaparte: This is my uniform. I led the French victory at Toulon.
    12. Josephine Bonaparte: If you look down, you’ll see a surprise. And once you see it, you will always want it.
    13. Napoleon Bonaparte: Dear Josephine, I follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and Caesar, as I have been sent to liberate Egypt.
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