Kenzzi Reviews, Usage Guide, & Better Alternatives

    Kenzzi is a popular IPL hair removal device brand in the US market, known for amazing hair removal effects using IPL technology. The overall designs, features, and pricing make it attractive to potential buyers. It has direct competition with top brands like Ulike, Braun, Philips, etc. in the American market.

    This article aims to offer elaborated Kenzzi reviews along with a better alternative to IPL hair removal devices such as Ulike. The article also aims to help users get a better idea of the IPL products in the market before purchasing one.

    An Overview of Kenzzi Hair Removal

    Kenzzi claims a full body hair removal session of no more than 9 minutes. Furthermore, Kenzzi hair removal devices are nearly painless, which attracts potential buyers. One can benefit from the innovative glide mode to avoid pressing the flash button manually and automating the flashes. Kenzzi offers ultra fast flashes, which can speed up one’s hair removal session.

    How to Use Kenzzi to Remove Unwanted Hair?


    Shave the treatment area or areas where you use Kenzzi, doing it before a few hours is suggested. This is an essential part before you use any IPL devices. However, Exfoliate your skin 3 days prior to the treatment taking place. It helps in reducing the chances of any skin irritation or discomfort.

    Core Process

    To get silky-smooth skin, you will need to hold the device in a suitable angle which will make the device lay flat against your skin. While positioned directly above the hair follicles, start pressing the flash button. Start gliding it on your skin carefully and continue until you are done.


    After you have finished the treatment, let your skin cool off for the following minutes before moisturizing and hydrating your skin with moisturizing creams or less harsh moisturizers. Avoid the sun for the next 48 hours, or protect your skin with sunscreen.

    How Often to Use Kenzzi?

    One should frequently use Kenzzi 2-3 times per week for optimal results and consistent smoothness of the skin. Some users may have extreme hair growth,  and need to use it more than 3 times. While, others may not use it more than 2 times.

    Does Kenzzi Work?

    Yes, Kenzzi indeed works. The product has a long list of satisfied customers. People with a high difference between their hair color and skin tones often see better results quickly, while those with dark skin may have difficulties in achieving hair removal effects from Kenzzi.

    Factors Affecting The Kenzzi Results

    1.      Skin Tones And Hair Color

    One should understand that IPL devices are effective and efficient on certain skin tones and hair colors. Those with light skin tones and dark hair colors will find results more effective. Furthermore, the darker the hair and lighter the skin, the better the results.

    2.      Genetic Factors

    Kenzzi’s effectiveness may also include the genetic factors and frequency setting. For example, if an individual suffers from PCOS they may experience the effectiveness of this device only lasting a few days.

    3.      Frequency Setting

    The flash intensity setting can affect the results that Kenzzi offers. A person using the device on a low intensity setting may see less effectiveness, while one using it at a high intensity can experience better results. One needs to gradually increase the intensity settings to find out the best setting for their skin.

    Kenzzi Hair Removal Before and After

    Better Alternative: Ulike Air 3 At-Home IPL Hair Removal Device

    Ulike Air 3 is a far better option than Kenzzi due to its brand reputation and customer satisfaction. Ulike is the first brand that offers built-in sapphire ice-cooling technology in hair removal, which keeps the skin cool. Furthermore, the overall model design is very attractive. The build quality is far better than Kenzzi, making Ulike one of the best alternatives. Users not satisfied with Kenzzi looking for a change must switch to Ulike to get the most satisfying results.

    Features & Effectiveness

    With features like Intense Pulsed Light, one needs to be careful with the intensity. Ulike has made customizable intensity levels accessible to a variety of people. Alongside features like the sapphire Ice cooling feature and Flat Head Window, helps to remove hair easily and painlessly from the body including the face as well.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the Ulike difference.

    Advantages Of Using Ulike

    1. Ulike IPL is capable of offering a nearly painless hair removal experience without compromising on the desired results.
    2. Up to 90% visible reduction in hair growth will be visible within 3 weeks of continuous and regular use.
    3. Ulike excels in offering safe flashes in its FDA-cleared IPL device, becoming one of the most trusted and safest IPL hair removal brands in the North American market.
    4. One can bring down their overall cost of hair removal because Ulike IPL devices is a one-time investment, becoming highly cost-efficient in the long run.
    5. Effortless application ensures that the device becomes user-friendly.

    Click ‘Buy Now‘ and embrace the future of effortless, at-home hair removal with Ulike Air 3.


    Kenzzi IPL hair removal device has a decent market share in the North American market. Kenzzi offers highly effective and cost-efficient IPL devices, which are portable and user-friendly. Furthermore, with several attachments and interesting features, it becomes a good competition against other reputed brands like Ulike and Philips.

    One can easily switch their IPL device brand to Ulike if looking for Sapphire ice cooling technology along with more effective results. Ulike has a more unisex design, becoming the ideal hair removal brand for men and women. However, the final choice lies in the hands of the end-user.

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