Top 30 Most Expensive Pokemon Trading Cards in 2024

If you are a 90s kid, you have played and witnessed the hype of Pokemon cards. Today, the Pokemon video game and animated series have skyrocketed the value of these cards for card collectors.

Cards sold at mere dollars are now worth hundreds and thousands, making older cards even harder to find. Keep reading. The forthcoming content will discuss the top 30 most expensive Pokemon trading cards for your help.

So, let’s begin!

Top 30 Most Expensive Pokemon Trading Cards

1. Masked Royal Prize Promo Card

Worth: $18,000

The masked royal prize promo is one of the rarest Pokemon cards recently. It features the well-known masked royal character from the Pokemon Sun and Moon series, launched in 2017. Established in Tokyo as an invitation-only card, the masked royal card has only 100 copies worldwide.

2: PSA 10 Poliwrath Holo No Rarity Symbol

Worth: $25,015

This card combines multiple value-enhancing qualities under one roof. Launched in 1996, the card is a part of the Japanese base set with a rarity symbol identifying its printing. As of 2021, only three of those cards are found and put to auction for approximately 25000 dollars.

3: Gold Star Delta Species Holo Dragon Frontiers

Worth: $25,400

The PSA 10 Charizard Gold Star Delta Species Holo Dragon Frontiers was one of the first card cards with an iconic black shiny coloring that greatly enhanced its value. In February, this card was valued at 25400 dollars in an auction organized by PWCC.

4: World Championships Sprint Battle Road 2002 No 1. Trainer Promo

Worth: $31,000

These promo poem cards are valuable due to the lesser number of prints. The same is why these are only provided to the championship finalists. Each Championship card has the name of its owner imprinted on the base.

5: Neo Summer Battle Road Number 2 Trainer Trophy

Worth: $34,100

One of the most expensive cards is the Neo Summer Battle Road Number 2 Trainer Trophy. It was dueled for prizes in 2002 by top players in Japan. The names of cities are printed on it.

6: Holographic Shadowless First Edition

Worth: $35,000

Although not famous, It is one of the most valuable car card players, and it is priced better because of the shadowless version. There are 48 PSA-verified versions of the Holo card currently available worldwide.

7: Daisuki Club Holo Masters Scroll

Worth: $35,200

The Daisuki Pokemon Club was opened in Japan in 2004 to encourage the promotion of Pokemon trading cards, including the Daisuki Club Holo Master’s Scroll. It is one of the club’s most challenging rewards and is awarded to top-notch players only.

8: No Rarity Poliwrath

Worth: $25,000

The card is not rare in itself. Instead, its Japanese version has created hype because only 10 copies of this version exist worldwide. It is interesting to know that the origin of this card was not a conscious decision. Instead, it was a mistake during the printing process of no rarity Poliwrath.

9: PSA 10 Holo Rayquaza Gold Star EX Deoxys

Worth: $40,400

The relation of the card character is directly related to the royal family. Thus, it values the rare EX Deoxys Rayquaza Gold Star, which has only 56 verified PSA 10 quality cards worldwide. However, if put for auctions, experts predict that the pricing can heavily fluctuate. According to the last record, this card was valued at 40400 dollars by Goldin Auctions.

10: PSA 10 Torchic Gold Star Holo EX Team Rocket

Worth: $50,000

The concept of Pokemon mania was at its utmost high during the 2000s. Hence, TCG decided to expand its collection by launching more cards, with the Torchic Gold Star Holo card being one among them. The gold star Pokemon have the Pokemon breaking out of the frame. It is an early example of all the designs TCG was experimenting with then. In an auction, this rare card was valued at 50,000$ each.

11:  Japanese Base Set, No Rarity Symbol Holo Venusaur

Worth: $55,000

English card collectors usually consider the first edition stamp the most valued one. Nevertheless, the case is precisely the opposite of the Japanese card. In such cases, the lack of a rarity symbol is more valuable, which is why the Japanese no-rarity symbol holo card is expensive.

It is graded 10 by the PSA, Which skyrocketed its value in the auctions. The difference between this card and others is that it is signed by the famous artist Mistuhiro Arita.

12: World Championship Master’s Key

Worth: $26,900

The copy of this card was sold for about 25000 dollars in 2020. Unlike other Pokemon cards, the master key card was not graded by PSA. Instead, it was valued by Becket. in 2024. Sources suggest that its value is around 27000 dollars.

13:  Skyridge Charizard

Worth: $28,100

The variant of Skyridge Charizard was a valuable card in 2020. It was sold for a maximum of a few dollars by players interested in championships and related events; however, due to a minimal number of copies left. Today, it is worth 28100 dollars in auctions.

14: Summer Battle Road 2007

Worth $3,200

Also known as the miracle diamond, this card used to be awarded to the top three competitors from every division in Japan. It is estimated that about 90 copies of this rare card are present in the world today.

15: Summer Battle Road 2002

Worth: $34,000

The Summer Battle Road 2002 card was granted to the Kanto Summer Battle Road tournament winner, which is now valued at 34000 dollars. A card below the rating of 9 rarely gets sold for more than a few dollars. However, due to the uncommon design, the magic happened with the Summer Battle Road card in March 2021.

16: Master’s Scroll Card

Worth: $35,200

EBay sold the master scroll card for over 35000 dollars in 2021. The Pokemon Daisuki Club, the official fan club of Pokemon players, offers a limited edition of these cards at significant events such as championships.

Some members can also obtain it by doing a certain number of tasks the fan club gives. According to today’s analysis, it is valued at around 35200 dollars in the global market due to its unique design and fewer prints.

17. 1st Edition Shadowless Blastoise

Worth: $45,100

The 1st Edition of  Shadowless Blastoise is graded 8, 9, and 10 based upon numerous factors of the variant. The most popular copy remains the PSA 10, which is valued at 45100 dollars all across the globe.

18. Tamamushi University Magikarp

Worth: $66,100

The Tamamushi University Magikarp was produced to promote a magazine. However, it was then awarded to those who became Pokemon professors by passing assessments such as the Super Professor or Hyper Professor tests. Only today, only 91 copies have been identified by PSA.

19. Gold Star POP Series 5 Umbreon

Worth: $70,000

The Japanese version of this card is immensely famous and expensive due to the unique color base no other card has to date.

20. Gold Star Rayquaza

Worth: $45,100

It is one of those cards that is present in abundance. However, only 10 46 copies hold the crown of being certified by the PSA 10. It is a recent addition to TCG, printed in 2005 as part of seven different Rayquaza variants. The main credit for fame goes to the shiny gold start, which provides a unique look to the whole theme.

21. EX Team Rocket Returns Gold Star Torchic

Worth: $50,000

The Gold Star Torchic card from the EX Team is one of those cards that were not initially launched to make big money out of the sales. However, it all changed when a copy was sold for 50000 dollars in an auction in 2021.

Only 17 copies are acknowledged by PSA as having a perfect GEM-MT 10 rating, whereas 322 more have recently been submitted to the company for further inspection. The same is why experts predict that the card might drop its value if more cards get considered by PSA after inspection.

22. 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer

Worth: $90,000

The 1999 Super Secret Battle cards symbolized being an expert in cards during the late 90s and early 2000s. It is so because these cards were awarded to the winners of regional championships in 1999 as the trophy and money to the winner. At the same time, the cardholder also became eligible to enter the Super Secret Battle Finals held in Tokyo on August 22, 1999. The same is why it was one of the most challenging cards to attain then.

23.  2006 Pokemon Promo No. 2 Trainer World Championship card

Worth: $110,100

World championships are the only place where even runner-ups win big prizes. The same is why this card is for all three finalists of the California 2006 championship.

At the same time, it also acted as a ticket for the participants to enter the final round in 2007 without overcoming all the hurdles they otherwise might have needed to face. In February 2021, the card was valued at around $110100 as a PSA 9-graded card.

24. 1998 Trophy Pikachu Gold And Bronze Card

Worth: $128,900

The 1998 tournament in Japan named Pokemon Lizardon Tournament awards the Trophy Pikachu Gold And Bronze to the top three winners of the initial levels. It is a form of prize that is granted to acknowledge their efforts.

25: PSA 10 Neo Genesis First Edition Holo Lugia

Worth: $130,000

The Neo Genesis is the base set of the second-generation Pokemon cards. It was the first time that TCG displayed silver, gold, or crystal cards in their series with some misprints in the bunch.

Still, the card has gained many prizes in the market by being the first edition of this experiment. Nevertheless, PSA has graded only 43 of these as grade 10.

26. Tropical Mega Battle Card

Worth: $60,000

Trainer number 2 was a limited edition deck given to the attendees of the tropical mega battle. The prime purpose of these cards was to provide deserving players with additional privileges when shown in official Pokemon events.

At the same time, PSA approved an authentic copy of this card with a grade 10 that was later sold for 60000 dollars on eBay back in 2019.

27: EX Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Charizard

Worth: $60,066

The EX Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Charizard was printed in 2006 to manage the auction. However, the card soon gained parties’ interest as only 1500 copies of the 10-grade card were passed by PSA.

28: World Championships card 2013

Worth: $65,000

The number 2 trainer card of the world championship in 2013 was the first card to be held outside America despite all the finalists being from the United States. Nevertheless, only one of these 4 cards was graded by PSA, which skyrocketed its price to 65000 dollars.

29: Tropical Mega Battle Card

Worth: $65,000

The Tropical Mega battle card has a minimal copy left worldwide. The same is why one of its mind-conditioning bars was sold for 65,000 dollars. It is one of the earliest cards launched in the Pokemon series. The same is why most variants are destroyed or are highly fragile to sell.

30: PSA 10 Kangaskhan Holo Family Event Trophy Card:

Worth: $175,000

Last but not least, the PSA 10 Kangaskhan Holo Family Event Trophy Card is one of those cards that random players handpicked in earlier days. Nevertheless, today, it is an event trophy card awarded to those who participated in the Japanese Mega Battle Tournament 1998.


Pokemon cards sold for mere dollars a few decades ago are worth hundreds and thousands of dollars today.

Find about 30 cards, such as PSA 10 Neo Genesis First Edition Holo Lugia, 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer, 1st Edition Shadowless Blastoise, Daisuki Club Holo Masters Scroll card, etc,  in the content above, along with all the reasons for their fame and increasing value.

So, read the whole content from start to end to unleash all the top-notch cards of the Pokemon world.

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