The Best British Watch Brands

    We have decided to compile a list of the best British watch brands to celebrate the upcoming British Watchmakers’ Day on the 9th of March, 2024. From micro brands to well-established names like Bremont, the horology landscape in the UK is beaming with exciting watches that would make great additions to your watch collection. Here are some of our favourites brands we think you’ll like.

    Christopher Ward

    Stylish and well-functioning watches form the core of what Christopher Ward focuses on as a brand. Established in 2004 by Mike France, Peter Ellis, and Christopher Ward, the brand took by storm as it established itself as one of the few brands selling solely online, directly to the consumer.

    Our favourites from the brand include the new C63 Sealander GMT and C60 Trident Pro, which are both priced well for what you get. With a growing follower base and noteworthy new releases, we’re keen to see what’s next for this brand.

    Buy Christopher Ward watches via their website.


    Founded in 2002 by Nick and Giles English, Bremont is an adventure-focused watch brand. They specialise in making work-ready watches that have a pleasing aesthetic and are durable. Bremont is another luxury introductory watch brand that stands alongside  some of the biggest names in watchmaking.

    Our favourite watches from Bremont are their exciting Bamford Aurora, a limited edition watch with GMT functionality. We also adore their ALT1-C Grifon, which boasts a stunning vintage aesthetic.

    Buy Bremont watches via their website.

    Mr Jones Watches

    Playing on the fun and playful nature of watches is Mr Jones Watches, a brand established by Crispin Jones in 2007. They create budget-friendly timepieces infused with quirky designs by various talented illustrators and artists. They are steadily gaining brand traction and deservingly gathering a devoted following.

    As part of British Watchmaker’s Day, Mr Jones unveiled four unique versions of the The Indefatigable Sphinx. Edward Carvalho-Monaghan, a British artist and visionary, designed the watch. The dial features a surreal, imaginary landscape with dream-like characters and objects. Most excitingly, the watch features a jump hour mechanism with central minute and seconds hands.

    Buy Mr Jones Watches via their website.

    Garrick Watches

    While the Swiss dominate the watchmaking industry, Garrick watches undoubtedly do well to compete with their high-quality finished timepieces. Founded by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick creates fine British timepieces in its dedicated Norfolk facility. Due to the limitations and craft, they only produce a maximum of 50 watches, making them highly exclusive.

    Our favourite timepiece by Garrick is their S3 Timepiece, which has an open-worked dial and heat-blued skeletonised chapter ring. It’s a magnificent timepiece limited to five pieces per year.

    Buy Garrick Watches via their website.

    Zero West Watches

    Launched in 2018, Zero West Watches stands out as a brand that stays true to its core principles. As an independent watchmaker, Zero West delivers watches commemorating significant moments in British history through elegant timepieces.

    Our highlighted watch from Zero West is the DB-1 Lancaster, which takes cues from an altimeter and pays tribute to the iconic Lancaster ED825.

    Buy Zero West watches via their website.


    Beginning in 2015, Farer has taken little time to become a force in the British watch space. They develop adventurous watches priced in the entry-level luxury market. They utilise British design with Swiss manufacturing to ensure well-finished timepieces that stand the test of time.

    Our current favourite watch by Farer is their new World Timer timepieces, which come in three variations: Foxe (Green Dial), Roche II (Midnight Blue Dial), and Markham II (White Guilloché Pattern Dial). All priced at £1,495 they make a great first world timer watch.

    Buy Farer watches via their website.

    Roger W Smith

    Established by Dr Roger W Smith OBE in 2001, the Roger W Smith studios aim to create pure brilliance in the world of horology. With such high craftsmanship, Roger W Smith is an iconic name in the British watchmaking space, promoting and showcasing excellence.

    Our favourite timepiece by Roger W Smith is the Series 3, which features a 40mm diameter case that comes in 18-carat gold and platinum, depending on preference. Like the other pieces by the studio, it’s designed and made in the Isle of Man.

    Buy Roger W Smith watches via their website.


    Focusing on creating solid mechanical watches, Marloe, another fantastic British brand, is fearless in exploring shapes and colours with its designs. From vintage-inspired timepieces to vividly coloured ones, Marloe is certainly a brand to keep on your list when you’re looking for a watch.

    Our favourite watch from the brand is the Astro, which comes in numerous variations. The boxy shape reminds us slightly of the Tag Heuer Monaco but with a Dieter Rams twist that looks clean and contemporary. Wearing it on your wrist is undoubtedly a pleasure.

    Buy Marloe watches via their website.

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