Narcos Return in 2024: Latest News, Rumors, & Potential New Series

    Are you a Narcos fan or fan of TV series focused on drugs and crime? If yes, this article is only for you as we cover the official announcements about the potential Narco’s Return in 2024, and other new series surrounding it.

    Will Narcos Return in 2024?

    Narco’s official account tweeted a statement: “The cage is open, and now the animals run free,” followed by news that it would be the final chapter of this series.

    There are dozens of rumours on social media about Narco’s return in 2024, but these are all false, as there’s no official announcement. However, in an interview with Bernard exposing the possibilities of Narcos’ new season, he said, “There aren’t any plans; honestly, this is the sort of the end of the ride, for now at least.” So, it is confirmed that there’s no Narcos return in 2024.

    The third season of Narcos: Mexico premiered on November 5 November 5, 2021, on Netflix as the the story’s final outing. In this season, a woman narrated the action for the first time in this history. Luisa Robino brings up the mantle of Pedro Pascal, Scoot McNairy, and Boyd Holbrook as journalist Andrea Nuñez, whose concentration on revealing corruption takes her to a huge scoop of her career. Narcos: Mexico started to discover the origins of the latest drug war and was continuing to Mexico City back in 1980 to graph the fall and rise of the Félix Gallardo and Guadalajara Cartel.

    Why did Narcos end?

    One of the co-creators of Narcos, Carlo Bernard, reported to a Hollywood reporter why Narcos was coming to warp. “I saw this season as an original story of the modern world where we live. For me, it felt like brining the show up to that spot where we now recognize, for better or for worse, made sense as a place to stop it. The show has been able to lift the curtains and show you how things began and how it evolved.”

    New Project of Narcos: A Limited Series Griselda Blanco

    In short, Netflix announced the latest project from the Narcos team titled “a limited series focused on Griselda Blanco,” released on January 25 January, 2024. Its story is based on a Colombian drug queen who was one of the most daring cocaine traffickers and was found to be a key personality in Miami’s drug war in the 1980s. And this queen character was played by Sofia Vergara.

    Bernard, Newman, Doug Miro, Baiz, Ingrid Escajeda, and the other Narcos creative teams have worked on certain project sets. However, Netflix focuses on the fact that the show is not a spin-off of its factual drug cartel story.

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