+/- (Plus/Minus) Announce First Album in a Decade, Share New Single

    +/i (Plus/Minus) have announced their first new album in a decade, Further Afield, which is due out May 31 via Ernest Jenning Record Co. Along with the announcement, the band has shared the new single ‘Borrowed Time’. Check it out below.

    “‘Borrowed Time’ an uplifting song about how resentment builds throughout the life of a relationship (the usual light +/- {Plus/Minus} subject matter), began as an exercise using a feature on the Moog Matriarch synthesizer that randomizes octaves so you don’t know where any single note will land,” the band’s Patrick Ramos explained.

    “James recorded the first sound it generated and built the structure of the song around it,” he continued. “Chris, after recording his drum part, decided to double it in an attempt to mimic his first performance. With only slight variations in his play, each take is hard-panned to the left and right resulting in the effect of an expanded and dizzying stereo picture. An 808 was used in lieu of bass guitar and I added a frenetic electric guitar before James recorded vocals.”

    Of the accompanying video, Ramos added: “The video, conceived at 3:00 am on the beach on Chris’ birthday, was shot with a smartphone in almost complete darkness using Astrophotography mode. Each 4-minute take results in one second of footage which were then looped and edited together. Throughout the process, we learned that the act of keeping our heads as still as possible for four silent minutes in the dark while very slowly and deliberately moving our limbs is more unnerving than meditative. Interestingly, the red light you see in the background of one take is Chris shining a flashlight through the fleshy part of his hand between the thumb and forefinger. It’s bloody good fun.”

    Further Afield Cover Artwork:

    Further Afield Tracklist:

    1. Intentionally Left Blank
    2. Borrowed Time
    3. Gondolier
    4. Driving Aimlessly (Redux)
    5. Where I Hope We Get Lost
    6. The Pull From Both Sides
    7. Calling Off The Rescue
    8. Contempt
    9. Redrawn
    10. Is It Over Now

    Konstantinos Pappis
    Konstantinos Pappis
    Konstantinos Pappis is a writer, journalist, and music editor at Our Culture. His work has also appeared in Pitchfork, GIGsoup, and other publications. He currently lives in Athens, Greece.

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